Some Favorite Posts

Today’s #BlogEveryDayInMay prompt: A list of links to your favorite posts in your archives

This is hard… I have written a lot of stuff over the years. And some of the posts are my “favorites” even though they’re difficult. So I guess we’ll just jump into these:

The Inaugural San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon: The first full marathon recap I wrote on this site. I started this blog to chronicle my training for this event (in 2008). I’ve learned so much since this event, yet I haven’t had a chance to successfully complete another marathon since then. That was due to…

DNF Report: This is where I tripped and fell in a marathon in 2009 and had to get stitches in my chin. Someday I will get to redeem myself on that course. But it’s interesting to see how difficult it was to actually get help on the course when I was injured!

Bryce Canyon Half Marathon: This marked my return to distance races after my DNF. I LOVED this event and I was hoping to do it again this year. But I’m still trying to hold to the promise I made myself about not signing up for any half marathons until I wean the baby. I’m just anxious to do more and hoping to feel good during races!

NEDA Week 2010: This is the post where I announced my struggle with an eating disorder. It was really hard to write and to publish, but the moment that I did I felt a huge burden lifted and it was an essential part in healing.

The Curve Ball: I announced my pregnancy here. If you’re a long time reader you know that it was unexpected and it freaked me out. I did not enjoy my pregnancy because I was so depressed the whole time. I’m so glad that my baby is one of the best things about my life now.

Blog Every Day In May


  1. Jill. Thank you for your review of the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon. I’ve posted a link to your review on our website. We definitely appreciate both the praise and even the criticism. Hopefully you’ll find the current site more complete. 🙂

    If you are interested in running with us this year, please email me.

    • It is much better than the old site! I love the race, still want to sign up for this year’s event every day. Everyone I’ve referred to the race has loved it! Can’t wait to come back, whenever I make it.

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