Embarrassed Much?

Today’s #BlogEveryDayInMay prompt: Most embarrassing moment (s). Spill.

This one is hard for me! I get embarrassed very easily (which then makes me blush very easily too… and when I blush/flush I stay red for hours. It totally sucks!) but I think I block these moments from my memory. I’m seriously having trouble thinking of something to call my most embarrassing moment.

So here are things that have been kind of embarrassing in my life:

  • In college I was talking to a guy when the elastic band in my skirt suddenly broke. The skirt’s waist then tripled in size and nearly fell down. I just grabbed the waist, excused myself and left. I was fortunate that I didn’t actually end up showing anything and I don’t think the guy ever caught on. (He was pretty dumb, he was in my Geology class. While he was super hot, he was also super dumb and it was really hard to have conversations with him.)
  • I went to the movies with my friend and at the end I slipped and fell down the entire flight of aisle stairs. That’s not the embarrassing part, I was hurt too much to feel embarrassed. I ended up with a fractured coccyx (butt) and a giant bruise that covered my entire rear end. The embarrassing part came when I had to go back to the theater a few days later and fill out an incident report for their insurance. The manager filled out a questionnaire about what happened, part of it included a little diagram of a person and we were supposed to indicate with an X on the diagram where the injury was. I had to instruct him to draw an X over my butt. For some reason, that just felt really awkward and uncomfortable.
  • I got pulled over for speeding in high school. During lunch break. Right in front of my high school. Everybody knew about it within about 30 minutes.
Blog Every Day In May

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