runBSX App (and a Giveaway!)

I’ve been playing with a new app lately, runBSX is an app that can track your runs via GPS and keep a log of those activities. Nothing exceptionally new with that, right? But there are some aspects of this app that are pretty cool and the potential for the future seems REALLY cool. (Plus, you’ll want to read on for a really cool giveaway… getting your next race entry fee covered!)

When you start up the app, you have 4 main options: Coach, Quick, Stats and Prefs.

runBSX start options

The coach option is for if you’ve setup one of the coaching programs available through the app. Visiting this screen will show you the training schedule for your program. I set it up to do the half marathon program for testing.

runBSX - runCoach screen

The really cool thing about this app is the pace zones that the app helps you establish for training purposes. You can set up these zones by either taking your resting heart rate or by running a 6-minute assessment run with the app. These are the zones it setup for me.

runBSX pace zones

When you do a coaching program, it works through the different zones. So you’ll start out in zone 1 as a warm-up and then move up to zone 2 for the majority of the workout. Some workouts have tempo segments where you may be running in your zone 3 for a while and some have speed intervals where you’ll push into your higher zones. While running with the app, it alerts you with tones if you are running slower or faster than your prescribed zone and will tell you when you are supposed to speed up to different zones.

I found this approach was really efficient because I didn’t have to sit there staring at my watch to make sure I was hitting a pace or checking to see when my next interval was coming up. The app just took care of that for me, plus it helps me run by feel in an attempt to avoid the tones telling me I was running too slow or too fast.

For those who don’t want to use one of the training programs, you can use the runQuick option. It can either be free, just start it and let it track your run or you can set it up with a certain goal. Run a certain distance, a set amount of time, stay in a specific zone or for fun… you can use it to burn off a caloric indulgence. (Which is kind of funny… but a practice I don’t really advocate because I don’t approve of “punishing” yourself for eating something.)

runBSX run setup

Future plans from BSX Athletics are for a sensor you can wear that communicates with your iPhone to make certain you are really in your zones. I’m intrigued to see how that works once it is ready for release. But in the meantime, the zone training the way it works on the app is really cool and really effective!

Now for the giveaway part… BSX Athletics wants to get their app in the hands of as many people as possible and really spread the word. So for helping in this quest, you can earn entries in a giveaway for a RACE ENTRY up to $100 in value. Yep… BSX will cover the winner’s next race entry fee, up to $100. Pretty sweet deal, right?

There are several ways to enter, each with different point values. Ultimately though, you will be entering through the Rafflecopter widget.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be notified via email. If they do not respond to me within 5 days, a new winner will be selected.


  1. I really like that there are zones, and that eventually it will communicate with my iPhone!

  2. Running apps should be simple. Start it up and run. It tells you your distance, time, and pace.

  3. I love the pacing zone screen. I have been focusing a lot on pacing over the last several months.

  4. I don’t know if this is possible or if this already exists but I’d love an app that used the iPhone buttons to offer the conveniences of a GPS watch. For example, if I pressed the home button the app could tell me my current pace and distance through the headphones. Or I could use the up and down volume buttons to pause and un-pause the timing.

  5. A ruuning GPS app should use minimal battery power, and it should be able to export the results (distance, pace, splits, a map, etc) to other formats such as Excel, pdf, Garmin Connect, etc.

  6. I would love it to integrate easily with my training program, export the data to another source so my coach could review and of course, do it all on my iPhone.

  7. My dream GPS app would be accessible via a GPS watch, like a Garmin or Soleus. I want to have the features an app provides but the convenience of being able to look down at my wrist to access all of it instead of being depending on my phone/wearing headphones to get feedback.

    Also, I totally mixed up my tweet URLs in the rafflecopter and listed the giveaway one for the app one and vice versa. I did both, though, so hopefully my inability to follow directions doesn’t put me at a disadvantage 🙂

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