MyBOD Wellness Pilates

On Monday I got the chance to take a one-on-one Pilates class via the internet from MyBod Wellness. My instructor, Denise Posnak, has started this business to offer people the chance to get instruction and fine-tuning from a real pro in the business, even if they don’t live in the same city.

MyBOD Wellness by Denise Posnak

To be honest, I was a little unsure going into it the session it would work out, but I was also very excited to give it a try. I set up with my Macbook and a yoga mat and connected with Denise via Google Hangout. (She offers sessions via Skype as well.)

There was also the worry that it would feel awkward working out on camera with a “stranger”, but that fear was gone the second I said hello to Denise. She is so personable and friendly, I instantly felt comfortable with her.

MyBOD Wellness hangout snapshot
Google Hangout snapshots need a timer function, so it’s not just me reaching for the camera!

We chatted a little about any current issues that might need to be addressed or adapted during the session. For example, since I had a baby 7-months ago I still have a little bit of abdominal separation. So that was discussed and she made decisions to adapt certain moves to best accommodate that and help it heal. After going over the essential health-related items we started the workout.

Denise was so good at being able to describe everything so you didn’t have to turn your head and stare at the screen.  She was able to spot when I would relax my core and instruct me on how to tighten it back up properly. There were times that I hadn’t even realized that I had unzipped my core but she spotted it immediately and guided me back into proper form. She’s great at being able to gently and firmly instruct you and push you beyond what you may think are your limits.

I seriously LOVED this experience. This was my first time doing a Pilates class with an instructor and I think it’s something I need to integrate into my life more. I was actually very sad when the time ended because I was enjoying myself so much. I got a tough workout and great individualized instruction. Another benefit is that this approach works with my time. Instead of having to drive to a location to make a class at a certain time, I just logged onto my computer at my designated time. It truly can be a “lunch hour workout”.

Those interested in signing up can get 20% off your first session package by using the code INTRO20  at checkout. Something that is really cool about this is you can sign up for a package with a friend, so both of you could sign into class with Denise via your own homes (got a buddy across the country? You could take a class together!).

And if you’d just like to give it a test drive, Denise is offering free 20-minute sessions until May 1.  You can book these online.

I highly recommend that you at least give the 20-minute session a try. It’s free, what do you have to lose?

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.


  1. The instructors with MyBOD Wellness Pilates are friendly & professional. And, they make you work for it! My friend in Seattle & I (I’m in Birmingham, AL) are taking classes together online!

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