Have you heard about You can create custom Energy bars, protein bars & nutrition bars on their site. I stumbled upon it a year or so ago and thought it was intriguing, but I moved on thinking it couldn’t be worth the price.

Recently I was given the opportunity to visit their site and make my own bar. So I jumped on the chance and created:

YouBar - JillWillRun CherryCocoa

Highly innovative name, right? I knew I wanted JillWillRun in it, but you’re limited in characters so I squished words together. And really, having JillWillRun in it doesn’t matter much beyond putting it on the label! I could have named it Chuck’s Skunk Bucket or something and it wouldn’t matter!

I enjoyed going through the process, adding/removing ingredients and watching the nutritional data change before my eyes. You can make a bar specifically for your needs, whether you want higher protein for recovery or more carbs for pre-run fuel.  I chose the cookie dough base (Cookie Dough Base (Organic) Cashew Butter, Dates, Vanilla Extract), egg white protein, cashews, dried cherries, cinnamon, cocoa, gluten-free crunchy rice cereal.

When I was happy with my creation, I hit submit and a box of bars arrived at my house a few days later. Each bar is labeled with all the details.

YouBars nutrition

Take a look at this thing, it is beautiful… as beautiful as a date-based bar can be I guess.

YouBar unwrapped


But looks don’t matter here… how does it taste? AMAZING! I did a good job… of course, I’m sure the parameters are all in place so you couldn’t really create something truly atrocious. But you never know. I must say that the crispy rice addition really adds a nice dimension to the bar!

The price for the box was $38. So nearly $3 per bar, still kind of expensive but completely delicious and worth it for a customized product. And for a limited time, you can get a discount on them! Money off is always nice, right?

Use coupon code JILL10 by April 1 and you can get 10% off your order! Create Your Bar at!

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