Week in Re/Preview

You’re hot then you’re cold, you’re yes then you’re no… 
Yeah, my training feels a little bit like lyrics to a Katy Perry song.

One week I seem to have a really good week, even if I end up feeling terrible after a run. Then the next… things just don’t seem to be good. This week was the “cold” week.

dailymile training 1/21/13 to 1/27/13

I don’t know what my problem is, but it’s frustrating. This week I felt super fatigued all week-long. After last week’s miserable stomach troubles, I tried eliminating gluten from my diet for the week and I just felt sluggish and in a brain fog. Plus it seemed to affect my milk supply. I ate a bowl of Cheerios on Friday (which are not gluten-free) and felt much better. And no, my stomach troubles didn’t seem any improved during the week.

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: 11.4 miles on the FitDesk
  • Wednesday: 13.11 miles on the FitDesk and 2.5 miles running
  • Thursday: 8.3 miles running
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: 2.1 miles run
  • Sunday: rest

On Saturday I had to run on the treadmill because it was raining and I didn’t feel that I should subject Alex to being pushed through the rain. I don’t have rain gear for her, I live in the desert so it’s not really needed the majority of the time.

Thursday’s long run was a repeat of last week’s route, and while I did end up with some stomach trouble by the end it wasn’t as severe as last week. I think part of it may have been due to dehydration. I wore my iFitness Fitletic double pouch belt with two water bottle add-ons, but one of the bottles leaked all over. So even though I was running in a very slight drizzle that wasn’t enough to really get me wet, my butt ended up totally soaked from leaking water bottles. NOT COOL! I don’t think wearing two add-on bottles works very well with the double pouch belt because buckles seem to get in the way.

But let’s go back to the fatigue… it was so overwhelming! I have no idea why I felt so miserable, but I just couldn’t focus. I was running into walls and ramming my hip into doorknobs and the corners of the kitchen counters. Instead of taking a lunch hour run on Wednesday, I napped for the entire hour. I could have slept a lot longer too if I’d let myself, but that hour of sleep made a world of difference!

I need to figure out my schedule… either I take an hour nap each day (because people always say to sleep when your baby sleeps… and my baby naps while I’m working!) or I run for my lunch hour. If I skip the run and take a nap, then I need to try to run with Alex after work. That works, as long as I don’t go too far (because I’m still uneasy about running in the dark with the stroller) and assuming I haven’t planned to really cook anything for dinner.  Leftovers work really well on days like this.

Oh, and the nap or run plans assume that I’m not ever getting out to see my friends, because basically a lunch break with a friend is one of the few opportunities I get to see other adults in person. (Sure, I sometimes talk to people via Skype for work, but I wouldn’t call that a stress-reliever!)

I’m fairly inflexible, I like routines and plans. But I’m rapidly finding that when you are a parent you need to work on that flexibility. (And I don’t just mean stretching/yoga… although I could REALLY use a weekly dose of that too.)


  1. Ah, the age-old dilemma of not having any time for yourself when you’re a parent, especially a mom! Keep in mind that it won’t be like this forever. As Alex gets older it will get so, so, SO MUCH easier. Really. 🙂

  2. Without trying to scare you and I mean this sincerely… My friend who lives in South Africa just lost her husband. He was athletic and in great shape. He complained of feeling tired and unmotivated. I am confident this isn’t you but I feel compelled to say this to you because my good friend is now going through a life changing time.

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