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During the week I usually post links to articles I find interesting on my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I’ve decided to try curating them into a weekly post with a couple of notes about why I chose to share them.Screenshot of the 20 Top Running Blogs for 2013

  • 20 Must Follow Running Blogs in 2013 and Beyond on Healthynomics
    I made this list! I’m very flattered to be included with so many other great bloggers!
  • Plantar Fasciitis on Athletes Treating Athletes
    I know lots of people who have struggled with this affliction. Leigh on Athletes Treating Athletes provides extensive information on several sports injuries. This is the first in her new series focusing on specific troubles.
  • Resolved: Eat the Damn Cookie on Runner’s World
    “In fact, don’t just eat it. Savor it. Bring it close to your face and breathe in. Sink your teeth into its crisp exterior, down through its slightly chewy center. Close your eyes and see if you can detect the butter. Chew. Swallow. Smile.”
  • Should I Foam Roll Before or After a Workout on Outside Magazine
    I haven’t tried foam rolling before runs but they seem to indicate that’s more important than after!
  • The Dos and Don’ts of Running a Big Race on TheRUNiverse
    Runners are good people… but a lot of us engage in activities at races that we just shouldn’t. One of my biggest pet peeves is people who move up in corrals to a spot faster than they can actually run. This practice has even been recommended to some of the athletes I’ve coached. Just don’t… if we all played nicely, there wouldn’t be as much position-jockeying.
  • Safely Transitioning to a Minimal Running Shoe on Competitor
    I’ve moved to minimal running shoes and I really like them. But there is definitely a curve to it. I’ve seen VERY experienced runners jump into a minimal shoe and run ridiculous miles to just end up hurt. This article has some good exercises to help with the transition, but they could also help any runner.
  • Core Routine for Runners on Runners Connect
    I like that this routine is designed to help strengthen the entire core: abs, back, glutes and done in a way that is supposed to support improved running economy.
  • Why I Don’t Juice Cleanse on MindBodyGreen
    It’s a new year, so many people are detoxing and cleansing and whatnot. Here are a few reasons this gives to NOT juice cleanse: Juice cleanses are like crash diets, The liver and colon are self-cleansing, It perpetuates a love-hate relationship with food. Read it and remember it!
  • Don’t Worry Run Faster on Chi Living
    This is just a simple and relaxed approach to getting a little speed play in your workouts, and it’s customizable to what you feel up to doing on any given day.
  • British Military Fitness workout on Tribesports
    This is a 10-12 minute workout that uses your own body weight for fitness gains. I liked that the photo associated with the image didn’t have someone with lots of oiled-up skin showing, just someone who looked healthy and fit. I’m so tired of zoomed-in shots of specific body parts being considered inspiration.
  • HAPIfork
    This is a “smart fork” that communicates with your smartphone. It’s being shown at CES (which I’ve come to the decision I NEED to go to CES next year, it’s right here in Vegas! It speaks to my geek cred, but there are tons of health gadgets that I could write about on here!). Anywho…. the fork vibrates to remind you to slow down and savor your food.

If you’re a big magazine reader, you may want to check out Next Issue. I downloaded a free month of it for the holidays, since I took a couple of weeks off work and I spent more time sitting in a chair (trying to let the baby sleep on me!) and thought it was kind of cool. You can read issues of TONS of various magazines on your tablet. It’s really well-designed and I had fun catching up on back issues of Real Simple, remembering I am not a 20-something by flipping through Glamour, recognizing how ridiculous and self-shaming magazines like Self are and experimenting to see if I like HGTV magazine (it bored me). If you keep it up, it’s a monthly subscription of $10 to have access to every monthly magazine they offer. $15 gives you access to weekly magazines too. I don’t get anything for mentioning this, just thought it was interesting.

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