Week in Re/Preview

This week was a rough one. Alex got her first cold, so the first couple days of the week my days were consumed with a sad baby whimpering on my shoulder. So instead of doing any kind of exercise (unless carrying the baby all day counts) I cuddled and soothed her.

My husband ended up leaving town for the week. I knew he had this trip, but a little emergency necessitated that he leave earlier, so I was on my own all week. That made it even harder, just because I felt really depressed about my home life at that point.

Nonetheless, I still managed to get some working out done, I just wasn’t very good at recording all of it on DailyMile. I’m pretty sure I got my running and FitDesk miles recorded, just none of the core/strength work.

dailymile training for 11/12 to 11/18/2012

I posted this article on my Facebook & Twitter streams, but it had some poignant moments for me that I kept having to remind myself about.

Life is an Endurance Sport
“The end result has been a change in focus for my physical training. Actually, not so much a change in focus, but a tighter focus. I am coming to terms with this idea that life is an endurance sport and I am an endurance athlete. Whether it be endurance to perform at my peak for a multi-day backpacking trip, or to push through a difficult work week. The end result is the same, I don’t just want to survive, I want to thrive and the key is to ensure I am training for it in a sustainable fashion.”

I had to face the fact that these stresses in my life, from sick baby to missing hubby to work demands… all of these were adding physical stress to my body and adding in extra running/strength training/etc. would just wear me down even more.

Training pics from 11/12 to 11/18/2012

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