Premier Protein (GIVEAWAY ALERT!)

I usually don’t consume whey protein products… this is due to the fact that years and years ago I had a really adverse reaction to one, due to milk issues. (Lactose intolerance here.) I know that there have been improvements and most whey protein products claim to be lactose free, but it still left me a little cautious.

When I was given the opportunity to try Premier Protein I decided to give it another shot. Plus the fact that my hubby consumes whey protein regularly and could help me with taste testing, it felt a little safer.

Premier Protein Gift Pack

They sent me a gift box with some of their protein bars and protein shakes, as well as included a t-shirt. (And that t-shirt, has become a staple in my pregnancy wardrobe lately!)

We weren’t very big fans of the protein bars though, since they just seemed to taste like… well, protein bars. We usually eat snack bars made of real food (Where you can look at it and tell what it is made out of. “Look, that’s an oat, and that’s a nut.” type things.)  But then again, you can’t go too far wrong with a Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor…

The shakes were a little better, although the chocolate one was a little too sweet. The vanilla was much tastier. We liked that it came in a convenient tetrapak that is recyclable and shelf-stable, so you don’t have to refrigerate a whole bunch of items if you buy them, just chill the ones you need. You can drink it as a snack, recovery product (30 grams of protein!) or you could even use it to sweeten up your coffee/tea and in a smoothie. (It also says as a meal replacement, but the 160 calories in it is WAY TOO LITTLE to be a meal replacement.)

Premier Protein

There are a ton of vitamins in this shake, which is good if you don’t eat very balanced and/or don’t take a multi-vitamin. If you do take vitamins, you may not need this many extra vitamins in your diet. The ingredient list is long… mainly a lot of vitamins but it’s hard to read and isn’t full of recognizable items.

Premier Protein products are available in stores at Costco & Sam’s Club. And I didn’t experience any GI distress from them!


Premier Protein would like to give 5 of you the chance to try the products yourselves. They will only ship to winning addresses in the US. The prize pack consists of 6 bars and 4 shakes. You can receive:

In order for points to be counted, you must verify through the Rafflecopter widget below. (I’m expecting a baby any moment now, sorry but I don’t have time to be tracking down and counting entries through other methods right now! I appreciate the understanding!)

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Thank you to Premier Protein for allowing me to try these and for offering the giveaway, I really appreciate it!


  1. I struggle to get protein into my diet, so I use protein bars or shakes to supplement my fruits and vegys.

    I am also a facebook fan and follower of both Jill Will Run and Premier Protein.

  2. Right now I’ve just been sticking to protein shakes right after long runs. But that’s getting old so I’m looking for other ways to mix it up!

  3. I always like to add some protein powder to my breakfast whether its oatmeal, protein pancake, etc. And I also have protein bars in the afternoon before my evening workouts.

  4. I like to drink protein powder after I do weights workouts, but I also like to eat Chobani yogurt with breakfast (I usually run before breakfast). That’s a really good way to get post-run protein in.

    Amy Lauren

  5. I also have a problem with whey, so I’ve been using a vanilla rice protein powder. I mix it into smoothies that I occasionally substitute for breakfast or add in after a long run.

  6. I have a protein shake with bananas and milk right after my workout . I also use it in between workouts to help me feel full!

  7. Basically for me, it comes down to having a protein shake after my workout. All the energy I’ve used up during my workout is replenished with the post workout shake.

  8. I have protein to keep me energized and satiated through the afternoon of a long workday! These will definitely keep me on the go during those crazy times this fall! Also these will be great to fuel me up for my yoga routines at the studio! Thanks so much!

  9. I like to make a protein fruit smoothie to fuel me up after my afternoon 3 mile runs when I get home! These will definitely help me out! Thanks so much!

  10. Strength training is a big part of my regimen and I struggled to get enough protein strictly through food. I usually do a shake after my workout and another before bed.

  11. I use whey protein after any form of physical activity. This could be weight lifting, running, or just playing a game of volleyball. I do this because after physical activity, your muscles are hungry and whey protein is the perfect meal for them. It will refuel your muscles and some whey proteins can even help minimize soreness.

  12. I am a runner and I too am always strugglingto het lots of protein Into my diet. So I usually try TP have protein shakes in the morning!

  13. I am looking for more protein in some sort of form for my cross train days and with lunch on running days (I’m an evening runner). I will most likely to stick to chocolate milk after my runs though!

  14. I recently began to add whey protein for recovery. Previously, i mainly got protein in through greek yogurt, eggs, and nuts.

  15. I’m lactose intolerant, but after reading your blog post I took the plunge and drank one of the chocolate Premier Protein shakes without popping a Lactaid tablet.  No GI issues!  Huge relief!  I’m a little leery of some of the other ingredients/chemicals in the shake (which likely serve to reduce the carb/sugar/calorie count) but I suppose if this isn’t one’s sole source of nutrients it shouldn’t make a huge impact.  (But I could be wrong!).

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