In Print!

Just before we left for our Colorado trip, I started getting emails and texts from people saying they had seen me in Women’s Running magazine.

Remember when I was featured on their blog as the weekly “Blogger on the Run”?
Well, my story/blog was picked to be put into print and was in the July/August 2012 issue of the magazine.
My next goal is to be one of the featured stories in their Women Who Move section! 😉

I hadn’t received my issue when we left, so when we got to Denver we had to seek out a Barnes and Noble so I could see it for myself.
Women's Running

And then I bought the issue so I could keep it and show it off, even though I fully anticipated coming home to an issue in the mailbox.

The sad thing is that I somehow lost the issue in Colorado. And when I got home, I still didn’t have the issue in the mail! What a bummer!

But still, it was really exciting to see my face in a magazine!


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