Week in Re/Preview

Another week and another 6 miles done. It’s just too warm, even early in the morning. I used to wake at 4 or 4:30 AM in the summer to get my run done. It’s not that it was cool then because in Vegas it NEVER gets cool in the summer. But it was “cooler” and usually dark.

But my 7 months pregnant body needs rest at night too, so I wake up at 5:30 now. But the sun is already up by this time and I am finding it physically impossible to acclimate to the heat.

Cuddled up with her snuggie. #jadetheboxer still not feeling 100% (but she's cute!)
Jade The Boxer hates the heat too… she’s not made for exercising in the heat! The other morning I had picked up her collapsible water bowl so I could give her water midway through the run (I’ve tried squirting water in her mouth from my bottle, she just shakes her head around and dodges it.) but as we were about to head out the door she wrapped the leash around my legs and her own legs. So I set the bowl down to untangle us and forgot to pick it up again before heading out. DOH! I felt so bad when she was obviously in need of a drink midway through and I couldn’t get any fluids in her for another mile.

I have to travel to Colorado this week and to be honest, I’m not looking forward to it at all… except for maybe the possibility of doing some early morning walks in cool temperatures. But I’m just so uncomfortable now the thought of traveling just sounds horrible to me. And trying to be social seems hard. The whole timing of the trip with Jade getting sick (she’s got a bladder infection right now) and her anxiety levels being high from landscapers in the backyard and leaving her behind just seems mean.

My breathing is a disaster, I swear it gets more and more labored each day. I have to shift positions every few minutes and the most comfortable seat in my house right now is my exercise ball. Maybe sitting on that so much counts as additional workouts? I’m going to say it does, since I feel so lazy right now!

Week 31
31 Weeks (and 3 days) pregnant

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  1. O exercise ball, how I loved thee when I was pregnant and had a tiny baby! I used to sit on that thing ALL DAY LONG, and I swear it was why I lost the pregnancy weight so much faster than with Annalie. And Elliora loved it too. When she was tiny, the only thing that would calm her down when she was crying was being bounced VIGOROUSLY on that thing. I’d put her in the Ergo and bounce her to sleep, and then bounce lightly the whole time she was sleeping, pretty much. I did a LOT of bouncing in those days. When she switched to sleeping in her bed for naps and I stopped sitting on the ball, I swear my jeans all got tighter within a week. Hmm, maybe I should haul that thing upstairs and sit on it in the evening when I’m crocheting while we watch TV!

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