WalkJogRun is a website that allows people to build running routes and share with others.  They’ve had an iPhone/iPad app for a while that allowed you to find routes near your current location. Last week (on National Running Day no less!) they launched a big update to their app that includes the capability to track a route using your smartphone’s GPS. You can then save the run in a training log and choose to share it with others.

WalkJogRun app routeI’ve only begun to do a little testing with the GPS routing, but so far it seems to work pretty well. I mapped a route (and I did not start it right at my house and I’ve blocked out street names on this pic) and it was pretty spot on. Even in the spot where I went through a roundabout it tracked which side I was on.

I do intend to keep playing with it and I will do a full review on The RUNiverse as part of our new GPS tracking series.

One of the coolest features is when you start the app it locates your position on a map and gives you the chance to find routes nearby your current location. Then it breaks it down into 1, 2, 3 mile routes… all the way up to 24 mile routes.

The bad thing is that some people build routes and share them on the site that seem to go straight from their front door… some of them near me would have lead me straight into some other gated community right to a house. (or it would have me loop around, but start/finish at someone’s house.)

There are several training plans that you can access as well, but I have not yet tried those. I will definitely include info about those in my complete review and I will share that when it’s posted.

I just wanted to get the word about the app’s recent changes with the GPS routing out because the people that created the app were kind enough to let me try it for free. They’re pretty excited about this latest addition, plus they’re working on an Android version as well so it won’t be exclusive to iOS soon.

JULY 3 UPDATE: My full review of the WalkJogRun app is posted on The RUNiverse

Legalese: The app was provided to me for free for the purpose of review and promotion.

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