Week in Re/Preview

DailyMile - Week of 6/4/12 to 6/10/12This week I only covered about 6 miles, but that’s okay. I got to do a walk with my mom while I was out of town for work. I got another short walk with Jade The Boxer early morning before work on Thursday. Then on Saturday I got a massage at 8 AM, then came home and it seemed like the weather was pretty decent so I took Jade out. Shortly into that I realized that the sun beating down on us was VERY uncomfortable. So we came home early.

Traveling is really uncomfortable. Driving to Utah was not very fun, 2.5 hours in the driving seat made my lower back hurt a lot. I can’t sit still right now and even if I’m reading/watching TV/working I am constantly readjusting. Driving didn’t allow for shifting around much!

I have an awful pain in my right glute/hip, pretty much all the time now. I am debating seeking out some chiropractic adjustment to see if that helps so walking (living) isn’t as uncomfortable and so that maybe I could do a little more running. However… I am perfectly okay if I can’t run for the remainder of this pregnancy, I just want to keep moving! I’m a little puzzled about pregnant chiropractic work though, in the past when I’ve had it you are either laying on your stomach or back. Can’t do that in pregnancy. I guess they’ll probably do it on the side, kind of like prenatal massage. (Which, by the way, is okay… but not as good as regular massage. I can’t wait to get a massage post-baby!)

I’ve done a lot of stretching. Sitting on the floor with my legs in butterfly helps relieve some tension, as well as doing the runners lunge yoga pose.

More than anything I just want to flop down on my stomach to read or watch TV!

This week should be easier to schedule some walks, I don’t have to leave town at all.  However, temperatures are supposed to be over 100 most of the week so I’ll have to play it by ear and make sure I am listening to my body! (And listening to Jade’s panting, she’s not made for hot weather.)


  1. Someone needs to invent with a pregnancy massage table with a bigger hole in the middle so your tummy can hang through!!! I wonder if that could really work since everyone’s tummys are different sizes. 

    •  @AlissaCostello I’ve heard that some places have those, but typically just at places that focus on prenatal massage. Some people like them, some think they’re uncomfortable because it feels like gravity’s pull on their belly is weird. I’ve wondered about the tummy size variations too though.

  2. I had serious hip pain in my first pregnancy and went to a chiropractor for the first time: it was miraculous. She did all the adjustments on my side, and I honestly don’t think I would have survived pregnancy without it. Hip pain plus the whole restless legs thing just about drove me crazy before I went.

    • Thanks for the info Sara! Particularly timely as I woke up today with intense pain in both of my hips, worse than it has been so far. BAH!

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