Natural Vitality Sports

A while ago I received some products from Natural Vitality Sports for testing/review. I took them and was all set to sit down and review them, but then I discovered I was pregnant and felt like garbage for several months. So this is really overdue!

Organic Life Vitamins

Organic Life Vitamins

I was sent the Organic Life Vitamins in individual-serving packets, but it is also sold in a bottle. The reasoning behind having the vitamins as a liquid is that they are more bio-organically available for the body to use in this form. This product contains 24 organic fruits & veggies and while it does have a nice dose of greens, it doesn’t taste like many of the green food powder I’ve tried. It has a pleasant fruity taste, but not overly sweet.  I took it plain and found it perfectly palatable. I also blended it into smoothies and it seemed to add an almost coconutty undertone which was tasty.

In addition to all the fruits & veggies, this contains: aloe vera, minerals, amino acids, selenium, chromium and more. The packets can be used as a more healthful energy booster during the day as opposed to the typical assortment that seem to be taking over gas stations these days.

While I was going my course of 30 packets, I remember flipping through channels on the TV one day and on one of those trashy tabloid-entertainment shows they were interviewing George Clooney and he had a bottle of this in his house in the background. So perhaps if you keep taking it you’ll have the same level of prominence as he does?



Energy28 is another product that is available in a bottle or individual packets. While the OLV can be used to help boost energy (simply because fueling ourselves with more natural items helps boost our energy) this is made specifically to help with energy needs, while still keeping the product healthy and created from natural sources.

It contains Golden Chlorella which is a microalgae, Rhodiola to help with fatigue and stimulating the nervous system, ribose to help with energy metabolism, Peruvian Maca (a root vegetable) to help boost energy with amino acids and minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium), as well as organic fruits and veggies.

I took this before runs of 6 miles or longer when I tested it and I do think it gave me a boost… but part of that rush was feeling powerful that I gagged it down. The taste of this product REALLY got to me. I tried drinking it straight from the pouch and mixing it with other liquids. Straight from the pouch seemed to be the best way because then it was a smaller amount and I could just down it and be done. (Side note: don’t put it in water in a clear glass… it’s an ugly color which makes it even more unappetizing!)

I still have several packets of this left over after my testing. I think they’ll still be good, so maybe I’ll try them again as an energy booster post-pregnancy. Perhaps I’ll learn to tolerate the taste better?

Natural Calm

Natural Calm

This is a product that I already owned prior to receiving this shipment, so they made sure to include the raspberry lemonade flavor for me to try since I had the plain. Natural Calm is a calcium and magnesium supplement to help reduce stress and promote relaxation. My main reason for purchasing this originally was to help me with stress… I do not handle stress well at all. My muscles are constantly knotted up and tense, my best guess was that stress was the culprit but since I don’t know how to make my body just magically release the stress (especially when half the time I can’t even tell I’m carrying that until someone pokes me and I feel my muscles scream) I figured there had to be some kind of nutritional help I could apply. So I started to research. And this is one of the things I found:
“Calcium and magnesium are like opposite sides of a coin. Calcium excites nerves, while magnesium calms them down. Calcium makes muscles contract. Magnesium is necessary for muscles to relax. Calcium is needed for blood clotting, but magnesium keeps the blood flowing freely.”

My first reaction was to look for a magnesium supplement, but in searching at my go-to source for all vitamins/supplements ( I discovered Natural Calm and connected over to their site to learn more. The information sold me so much that I felt the need to seek out a store that sold it here in Las Vegas so I could immediately go buy it and put it to the test. (Fortunately, there is a health food store right next to Fleet Feet Sports and I was going there for a run that day anyway!)

When I am reguarly taking this, I definitely sleep better at night. I usually dump the powder into a cup and top it off with a little hot water and let it fizz/dissolve. Depending on the weather, I will then fill the mug up and drink it as a hot beverage or I’ll top it off with cold water and drink it that way. I have never been consistent enough in taking it though to really put it to the test on my muscle knots.

The raspberry-lemonade flavor really makes a difference, I would recommend purchasing that over the plain (which is what I did at first) because the plain could seem a little bitter to anyone who drinks it straight. You could mix it into something else to flavor the plain though.

This is my favorite product and is one that I will likely keep in my repertoire forever. I think the OLV is a product that my husband should probably start incorporating into this day, he doesn’t eat enough fruits or veggies and I can’t force enough servings into him during a day!

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