Made Me Chuckle

When I downloaded an update to the Walgreens app on my iPhone, it took me through a brief “orientation” before letting me into the app. Part of the orientation was illustrating the medications tab and one thing in particular caught my eye.

You can control that with drugs?
Not catching it? Dogs would be medicated for FLEAs not FLEEs!

When an email offer like this comes to my email, it’s so hard to resist!

What a deal!
The deal was really for "Licensed Electrician Work", but when it gets cut off... man! I know lots of people get lice for free... but when you can get it for only $99, how can you resist?

I know that lots of products go through all kinds of advances, but I never dreamed toothpaste would have features like this.

Aquafresh Features
It's small, you can click to view the full size, but the features listed are: Honey colored pine frame with contrasting green micromesh.

One comment

  1. I was hoping that the Flee meds would be useful to keep my dog in the yard without a leash (and he won’t flee.)

    Thanks for the morning laugh!

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