Week in Re/Preview

Last week I:

  • Ran on the treadmill twice. (Weather was super windy and cold.)
  • Did prenatal yoga twice
  • Did a strength workout twice
  • Continued doing the 200 squats program (so 3 days of squats)
  • Daily simple strength exercises (in compliance with my work wellness program!)

It all felt pretty good.  I usually hate the treadmill, but this week I found myself grinning like a dope while on it, just because I was happy to be running and was so proud of my (measly) 2 miles!

This week I plan to run three times.  Unless I can slip away from work mid-morning, I’m afraid it will all be on the treadmill.  I’m making this guesstimation based on the iPhone forecast:
Weather forecast for 04/15/2012

In my “previous life” I would still run after work in those temps.  However, in my “pregnant life” I find that heat is harder to deal with.  We walked Jade The Boxer to the dog park last weekend when it was 80° outside and I felt pretty uncomfortable. Part of the reason is that I’m not really acclimated to heat yet and our spring weather is all over the place (example: Saturday the high was in the 50’s) so it’s hard to acclimate.  But I’m pretty sure my internal thermostat is out of whack now too.  And I don’t think it is safe for “baby it” for my core temperature to get too high!

I’m still wearing my regular running clothes, but I’m feeling a little conspicuous in several of my tops, like they just cling a little too much.  I also feel like I had a huge growth spurt over a week.  And I guess when I look at myself it is obvious, but when I look at pictures comparing one week, I guess the belly isn’t THAT obvious.

My Preggo Belly in Running Gear
20.5 Weeks
Preggo Belly in Running Gear
21.5 Weeks

Just when I start to look at myself and think “Finally, I no longer look bloated, I look pregnant.” I take these and realize… oh, I still just look bloated! 🙂

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