Week in Re/Preview

Last week was pretty good…

  • Monday: Prenatal Yoga
  • Tuesday: Trail Run with Jade The Boxer
  • Wednesday: Prenatal Yoga
  • Thursday: Scared out of a run after my doctor’s appointment
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Run around my neighborhood
  • Sunday: Prenatal Yoga

I’ve also been doing some planks and simple strength exercises while I watch TV.  Things like using weights and doing the 200 Squats program (for the umpteenth time).  It definitely makes me feel a little more like myself getting in some of these things, even if they do feel different than they used to.

On my Tuesday run on the trails with Jade, we were running in the open desert.  It’s nice because I let her off-leash and she runs in big circles around me.  She never strays very far from me and by the end of these runs she’s usually tired herself out so much that she runs practically right under my feet for the final stretch. (It’s cute, but kind of annoying too!)

Desert Trails
We rounded a corner similar to this picture and there was a minivan driving through the desert. What?! First, the area is closed to vehicles of any kind. Second, why was some guy driving through the desert in a minivan?  The vehicle caught us by surprise, fortunately it scared Jade right to my side.  So I held onto her collar while the guy passed us.  We stood there waiting about 3 minutes, then I let go of Jade thinking she’d run along by my side.  She looked at me, looked down the trail the way we were facing, looked back toward the van… and took off after the van!

I had to chase her about a quarter-mile while she chased the minivan… until she finally realized that I meant business and she came trotting back to me.  But she stopped about 5 feet away from me, looking at me sheepishly.  I wanted to hook her back up to the leash after that, to teach her that she doesn’t get that freedom if she runs off, but she wouldn’t come back right next to me. Until I tricked her by offering her some water.  I held my amphipod out toward her, she came running, I put some water in her collapsible bowl and while she was drinking I hooked her back up.  Darn dog!

This week my goal is to once again get in some running, some yoga, some walks… just listen to my body day-to-day to decide which options seem like the best fit for that day.  I have a pretty busy week this week too, so it’s also a matter of fitting things in around living life. The first trimester made me feel like an invalid and the only thing I felt like I could do was be miserable in my home!


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