2012 Olympic Marathon Trials

I was looking forward to watching the trials on TV all day.  All week, maybe.  I don’t really care about most sports, and I really don’t enjoy watching televised sports much.  I could enjoy myself if I had to go to a football game in person, as long as there are people around to talk to and it’s not too hot. (Or too cold… if it snows on me that sucks too.)

But the trials… this was different.  I actually cared about the athletes and the outcomes.

On the men’s side, I wasn’t sure who was going to take it… although I suspected it would be Ryan Hall.  I wasn’t right on that, he came in second.

  1. Meb Keflezighi
  2. Ryan Hall
  3. Abdi Abdirahman

On the women’s side, I had predicted Desiree Davila to take it, but she came in second.  But I had the final 3 pegged correctly.

  1. Shalane Flanagan
  2. Desiree Davila
  3. Kara Goucher

I admit to tearing up at the finish lines.  The winners making the team was pretty awesome, but I also felt for the 4th place finisher in each race: Dathan Ritzenhein and Amy Hastings.  Both of them pushed so hard, it must really ache to be so close to the team.

And to all the people who don’t even get any coverage on TV in the event but trained hard to qualify and then to compete in the trials… that takes a lot and I applaud all of you!

Lastly, this picture of the Olympic team members just made me chuckle:

2012 Olympic Marathon Team
Couldn't they let the girls put some pants on too? And it seems pretty obvious that these people aren't cowboys in their day-to-day life! Funny, but cute, pic.
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