Jabra Sport Bluetooth Stereo Sports Headset

Jabra Sport Bluetooth Stereo Headset is a really long title for a product… but it’s also a pretty nice little gadget. Short and simple explanation: it is sport headphones that connect to your bluetooth enabled phone so you can listen to tunes without cords dangling around and take calls while you’re on the go.

(Not that I’m really into taking a lot of calls on the run. I was immediately struck by one of the Siri ads when it was first released that had a guy running and scheduling meetings via Siri. That didn’t look productive to me… that looked stupid to me! The run should be an escape from that nonsense!)

Messy ponytail run day... Hadn't planned on modeling the Jabra Sport this day, but then decided to snap the shot!


  • Good sound quality
  • No cords
  • Quick easy pairing with my iPhone 3gs (Yes, I’m still on the 3gs… I’m so out of date!)
  • Easy to use buttons
  • Voice feedback letting you know the device is on, paired, turning off, etc.
  • Built-in FM radio
  • Works with Endomondo Sports Tracker to pause and get feedback on workout.
  • Comes with different ear gels to get a more customized in-ear fit


  • I felt the over-the-ear part was kind of bulky
  • Having to charge my headphones. I’ve had a few times when I went to use these and found the battery was drained.
  • Wearing a bud in each ear while running outside… I just really feel that isn’t safe, makes it harder to hear the cars or weirdos approaching.

Apparently these are “military-grade” rain, dust and shock protection. Not exactly sure what kind of testing that entails, but it makes them sound pretty tough. These are actually pretty useful for house-cleaning too. I actually find that I catch headphone cords on lots of things when wearing them around the house to clean. It’s no fun having your headphones violently yanked from your head by a cabinet as you reach for some cleaning chemical!

MSRP for this is $99.99, you can find it for various prices on Amazon (I found it for $79.99 in limited stock to $90.)

FCC Legalese: These were provided to me free of charge from the folks at Jabra. They didn’t give me any instructions on what to write, this post contains my own random thoughts.

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  1. These are too far out of my price range, but I’m glad you included the bit about house cleaning in your review. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who’s constantly getting my headphone cords caught on things!

    • Yeah, they are kind of expensive. And I’m kind of glad to know that I’m not the only one that gets caught in my cords while cleaning! 🙂

  2. Thanks for a good review Jill.

    Lisa: I thought they was to expensive too and decided that they wasn’t worth the money. So I got them in a birthday gift and I have been using them on my 5 runs a week, around the house and talking calls… I am using them so much now, that it was some of the best money spend.

    Good to have a great wife 🙂

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