Holiday Gift Ideas: Dream Edition

My first holiday gift idea post featured items that I’ve tried and liked… kind of whole-hearted recommendations from me to you.  This list is a bit different… this list contains things that I’ve never tried before but would love to test.  And the prices really range on these!

up by Jawbone
Up! by Jawbone
Retail Price: $99.99
This little wristband contains an accelerometer to track your daily activity.  It tells you your calorie burn and daily steps, plus it can be switched into an exercise specific mode so it knows when you are actually doing a workout as opposed to just living.  I really don’t care about my calorie burn (well, I do… but I’m not supposed to care!) but the aspect of this that really intrigues me is the sleep mode.  You wear it all night long and it will give you nice little charts that show your sleep cycles.  You can plug it into your iPhone headphone jack to sync the wristband with an app for all your data.  I really like the idea of tracking my sleep with such a small device as opposed to big devices you strap around your head.  They have a whole community on their site too where people can participate in challenges that utilize their Up! data.

JumpSport Fitness TrampolineJumpSport Fitness Trampoline
Retail Price: $99-379
It just seems like it would be fun to have a mini trampoline to bounce on at home.  Maybe I could keep it in my office and bounce on it when watching webinars or if I’m trying to muddle through a problem in my head.  I find that physical exertion often sparks a stroke of genius in cases like that! It seems like this would help to build muscles that would work in conjunction with running anyway.  Of course, Jade The Boxer would probably growl at me if I was bouncing away on something next to her!

Gymygym chair
Gymygym Chair
Retail Price: $799
Alright, the demonstration video they have on their site from when this was featured on the tv show The Doctors is kind of goofy… but it also looks fun.  The chair has built in resistance cables so you can do exercises at your desk!   The chair also helps to promote proper spinal alignment and takes pressure off hips, low back, neck and shoulders.  Way cooler to promote workplace wellness than my work’s current wellness plan that asks us to eat a vegetable before 8 pm and to move for 15 minutes a day!

Proform Tour de France Indoor Cycle
Proform Tour de France Indoor Cycle
Retail Price: $1499
I’ve been lusting over indoor cycles for over a year now… I just think it sounds like a fun idea to have around home for days when the wind is blowing like crazy or to just find a convenient way to get in some quick cross-training.  This machine seems really cool… from a display that takes you on routes through Google maps, to a 20% incline/decline control to mimic riding in the real world, to the built-in power meter, intelligent wind resistance… this baby sounds like it has it all, even if I’m not sure what all of that means! 😉

SportsAmerica elliptical
SportsAmerica Elliptical
Retail Price: $3,299
This elliptical requires no outside power source, it’s self-powered.  Yep, that’s the whole reason I want this… it saves money and it lowers your carbon footprint and enables you to go green!  Plus you could put this anywhere you want in the house, you don’t have to necessarily worry about placing it next to a certain outlet or dragging the cords across the floor.  Cool!


  1. Awesome list! I also would love #1, but probably shouldn’t have that much info – I would use it for purposes that aren’t healthy for me. LOL! I am better off in the dark. The sleep cycles would be really cool – what will they think of next?!


  2. Physical exertion often sparks a stroke….minus the genius. Been a very long time since I’ve had even a tinge of genius.

  3. watch out! eat that vegetable before 8pm – i have 23 more minutes… what excellent rules! i wish my company would get on board with better health stuff too — ergonomics, promoting movement, etc.

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