Week in Re/Preview

Here’s how my week broke down:

Monday: Boxing and Yoga and a Walk

I did the Sugar Ray Leonard & Laila Ali: Lightweight Beginner’s Workout on Gaiam TV.  It was kind of fun, although I felt really clumsy as some of the descriptions weren’t clear. Also, Laila and Sugar Ray seemed rather bored at times in the workout.  I don’t need a video trainer that yells at you, not do I need one that is overly perky… but they should at least seem like they’re not completely bored!

After that I did about 5 minutes of yoga before my husband got home from work and asked me to go on a walk with him and Jade The Boxer.  When he was still in grad school, we used to take walks together every week and that hasn’t happened as much since moving to Vegas.  I jumped on the opportunity, so we walked 2.5 miles through our community.

Tuesday: Run

I ran Jade The Boxer the 2.5 miles throughout our neighborhood, then I went to Fleet Feet for the Tuesday Fun Run and ran another 4 miles.  Not many of my Team Challenge members were at this run, so I got to run with some friends which was nice.  I haven’t had the opportunity to run with friends in a long time!  (Other than Jade, she’s my friend!)

Wednesday: Budokon

The Budokon for Beginners video starts with a 20 minute yoga practice, then moves into 15 minutes of martial arts and wraps up with some qigong meditation.  I liked the yoga part and Cameron Shayne, the instructor, does a good job of giving directions.  I found the martial arts part kind of hard at times because several of the punches and kicks require you to pivot on your feet… it would have been easier to maneuver if I was on a hard floor instead of carpet!

I did this video through GaiamTV as well.  It’s kind of fun to have a source to experiment with different workout videos.  I would probably do this one again, especially the yoga segment if I was looking for a short and quick yoga practice.

The hubby and I also went on a short walk with Jade.

Thursday: Run

I ran 3.5 miles on my own and then picked up Jade to do another 2.5.  I was thinking I would do speedwork, but my brain wasn’t in it… so I just ran and listened to the Two Gomers podcast.  That’s what my heart and mind needed more than speedwork.  Maybe someday I’ll do regular speedwork, but for now, while I’m not in training for anything specific… it is just done when the mood strikes!

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Team Challenge

Sunday: Run

I ran 2.5 miles with Jade and then headed out for another 5.5 on my own.  I almost didn’t head out for anything more after the run with Jade.  It was windy and I told myself “You’re not training for anything, you really have no need to run long.”  But want to know what the need is?  Mental clarity!

I’m re-experimenting with fuel… and I’m still the same: GU with caffeine doesn’t sit well with me.  Even with a little tummy trouble, I was thrilled to do this run… Not that I would encourage anyone to get injured, but having the stress fracture this summer has really given me a whole new appreciation for being able to run.

The plan for this week?  I have no idea!  I have a big meeting to attend out of town, so I have some driving back and forth to do.  I am running a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning.  And beyond that, I’m playing it by ear!

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