Embrace: Legs

I’m following in the path of Emilie‘s Embrace:Me movement and writing a post about a part of me that I need to embrace and accept… my legs.

I’ve always felt rather negatively about my legs… they’re too short, they’re too thick, they’re ugly…

True, my legs are not at all like a supermodels’ legs… but then, most people aren’t like supermodels.  My legs ARE short… I frequently have to buy petite pants or hem them.  Skinny jeans just don’t fit right on my muscular thighs.  I frequently have bruises all over my legs. Sometimes boots won’t zip around my calves.

But my legs are doing the job for me just fine.  They’ve run thousands of miles.  They carry me through my day-to-day activities.  I can walk, skip, jump, run…

And those things are far better than wearing skinny jeans.

Chichen Itza
The hubby and me at Chichen Itza


Hard Core?
Goofing off at my mom's house, pretending to go for a run in 18 degrees and snow.


Dynamic Warmup for the crowd at the Team Challenge Sunset Rock n Run
Leading a dynamic warmup for the crowd at the Team Challenge Sunset Rock n Run - Photo © Walter Lowell

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  1. This is a great post! It is hard to remember to appreciate what your body can do and these kinds of blog entries are a great therapeutic way to help not just others, but yourself too. Good for you!

    • Yeah, it was definitely done as therapy for myself! But then again, if we can keep spreading messages like this publically, maybe some of the media-driven body angst in our culture can be minimized!

  2. Jill —

    Thanks for the post! I have the same problem with my legs! My mom and I joke that our bodies were developed for pushing the plow in the fields due to our ‘saddlebag’ thighs and not for looking what the world deems pretty. They may not be what everyone deems as beautiful, but they’re all muscles and mine. 😀

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