Running News & Updates

Zensah has neon pink compression arm sleeves now.  Has anyone tried their arm sleeves?

Find the Best has some pretty cool tools for finding a triathlon or marathon by narrowing down different criteria that you are looking for.

The guys from the “Love, The Bus” project ran a 5K dressed as their bus to raise money for a film school scholarship.  They’re defeated by a mother pushing a triple stroller!

I took Jade The Boxer for a 3.5 mile run on Tuesday. It was her longest run on sidewalks (she’s a trail pup!) and it was my first run back since my foot fracture!

And today marks the one-year anniversary since we brought Jade home to our family. I love my little boxer pup so much and I’m so glad we got her… seriously, I never thought I would turn into somebody that is sooooo crazy over their dog. But I am head over heels in love with this pup, she’s improved my life so much!
#jadetheboxer enjoys a scenic overlook


  1. I haven’t tried their arm sleeves – I’ve been looking for a cute pair, though!
    Aren’t pups the best? My chihuahua has seriously changed my life. 🙂

    • Ink ‘n Burn makes some cute arm sleeves. But I really like my Zensah calf sleeves, so I am intrigued by the arm sleeves.

      Dogs rock!

  2. Happy Gotcha Day Jade! 🙂

    Hot pink arm sleeves, I’d wear them! And probably still get called a dude. Yep, I love being mistaken for a guy in my running clothes.

    • I love the “Gotcha Day!” that’s what I’m going to call it from now on!

      People think you are a dude?! WTH? You wear girl running clothes!

  3. Jill, what is a compression arm sleeve? Is it something that might help tendonitis? My dr says I have that which is better than me thinking I had carpel tunnel. She actually called it tennis elbow. Yeah, can you picture me playing tennis. I used to play….50 years ago!

    • Stub: A compression arm sleeve tightly compresses the arm, and even though it sounds counter-intuitive… this measure helps to improve circulation so that hopefully inflammation is reduced or doesn’t build up as much. Obviously there are not 100% sure-fire fixes, but some kind of compression sleeve may help your tendonitis.

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