Sporting Cast 2.0

I went to the doctor on Wednesday to get my cast off… I was giddy at the thought of being able to take a shower without having to wear a plastic bag on my leg.  And to scratch my leg… it was really itchy.

So the doctor removed the cast.  And took new x-rays.  When the first x-ray pulled up on the screen he said in delight, “Yep, that’s definitely a fracture.  We’re doing this right!”

He zoomed in to show me the areas on either side of the metatarsal where there is new bone callous growing, indicative of healing.  He also did an ultrasound, where he said “You can see, clear as day, the healing happening.”  I couldn’t see anything… I was just glad there wasn’t a heartbeat or any declarations of “It’s a boy” as he ultrasounded my foot!

Then he said, “Alright, I’m going to go get the materials for a new cast.  This immobilizing is really helping.”

Cast 2.0

So I have two more weeks in a soft cast, worn in combination with my hot boot.

And then I have two more weeks without a cast, but still wearing the boot.

And THEN I can start to walk for a week or two, before easing back into running.  He told me to not jump right back into running or else it would snap again and he’d have to cast it up more.

It sucks, but I want it to heal properly… so I’m biding my time.  At least once this cast is removed I will have a little more flexibility.  I could try swimming then, or maybe hop on a bike at that time.

So in the meantime… I’m going to make a tutu in Team Challenge colors to wear on the course at the Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half in December!


  1. Healing is good! It sounds like you are doing your best to stay positive, and this is a difficult situation–you are handling it really well! Keep up the good work 🙂

    • No, I’ve done the Las Vegas half every year since 2008. This will be second year on the course as a coach! I’m looking forward to the Strip at Night this year!

  2. Jill-O, I know that you are discouraged with the cast. There is an interesting post on the Women’s Running Facebook page about dealing with injuries. One of the comments impressed me: “Recovering from injury is part of training. As backward as it seems, put as much effort into your recovery as you do into your running. Focus on keeping up with icing, and resting! And stretching, and eating healthy, getting extra sleep, and avoiding anything that will make it worse. It’s tough – I know!” I just liked this and thought you might, too.

  3. Well, I guess it’s still better than a hard cast? The boot and I do not get along since it rubbed a hole in my leg the last time I had to wear one. I guess a soft cast would help prevent that. You have such a great attitude about letting this injury heal and I’m sure you’ll be running in no time!

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