P90X in da House!

No… I’m not starting this program.  My hubby is, working in public accounting the past 6 years have been rough as he’s worked long hours, hunched over a laptop at various casino clients (often in smoky environments) and now he’s committing himself to improving his health.  We even took the pre-program photos it recommends and he said I can threaten him with posting them online if he doesn’t stick with his program.

I find the program pretty interesting… I have not done the workouts, but they sound intense and legit.  The food side though, that kind of weirds me out.

My husband asked me to help him put together his meal plans with it and that was somewhat of a struggle!  After a while I had to just stop looking.  I am pretty sure I can put together dinners that would meet his meal plan needs… the rest of the meals he’s kind of on his own.  Part of me just wants him to toss the whole meal plan and just visit my dietitian.  She could help him know what to eat with the understanding that he lives with someone who has ED struggles!

But the bulk of this post really needs to focus on the manuals for the program.  We borrowed the discs and books from a friend, so maybe the literature has been corrected in this time.  But the copies we’re looking at are TERRIBLE!  Seriously, every single page has a typo!  It’s kind of ridiculous!

P90X typos

P90X typos

P90X typos

P90X typos

P90X typos

P90X typos

P90X typos

The first couple images are from the exercises book.  The others are from the nutrition book.  I seriously went through it page by page and pointed out the errors as I found them…. and these were the errors I found on each page until I got tired of it… after just 6 pages.  Truly, there are errors on every page.

Have any of you done P90X?  Any advice for me or my hubby on the plan or supporting someone on the plan?


  1. Sheesh! With what they charge for those programs you would think they could afford some proof readers or spell check!!

    I have never tried the P90x but I know a lot of people swear by it. I think the key is the same as with anything else… if you will stick with it, it will work. It’s great that your hubby is trying to make a healthy change and that you can help him. 🙂

    I would really appreciate it if you could help me spread the word… I have a huge fundraising giveaway going on with over $650 worth of prizes.
    Thanks so much!!

  2. Hey Jill, Mike and I have done P90X but we’ve only made it through the first month. Our fail was with the recovery week because we would skip workouts that week because they were repeated over and again.

    But that said, those first 3 weeks were great. We got a great workout in and really did enjoy it. The muscle confusion was great. He is pretty motivating and if nothing else you can do what I did:I spent a lot of the time making fun of Tony and his Tonyisms – it helped me cope with the pain. 🙂 There’s a funny video by an improv group showcasing ‘Tony’:

    As for the P90X nutrition – IMHO, skip it. I’ve had friends try his nutrition plan and it just isn’t feasible for real world people. Find a good eating plan that works and go with it. Sticking with the program and eating well (balanced – protein, carbs, good fats, fiber) will make any program work. If you have a dietian… have him go to an expert. And good luck! 🙂

    • Thanks for your feedback! I thought the nutrition plan seemed pretty unrealistic. And my dietitian is awesome!

      I can’t wait to watch that video (will catch it later tonight when I’m not at work!)

  3. It looks like your friend must have bought the “program” from Amazon or Ebay and gotten a pirated copy – I bought the program straight from Beachbody and my copy has no typos whatsoever.

    As far as support goes, make sure he’s got everything he needs available to him, including time. Support is key, so make sure he gets in contact with his coach and maybe even takes a stab at the message boards. There are tons of people on there to motivate and help and LOADS of great hidden gems as far as tips go! Nutritionally, the actual meals aren’t super important to stick to, as long as he’s getting what he needs as far as adequate servings of protein, carbs, and fats.

    He can e-mail me as well if he needs help with anything regarding the website, or I’m on twitter – @JillianMariex3

    • Thank you for the tips… and I hadn’t thought that he might have got a pirated copy. That’s a bummer!

      And thanks for the tips about message boards… he doesn’t like posting on boards, but he does read lots of them so I think that’s a great idea for him to get info.

      Maybe we’ll just have to buy it directly from Beachbody!

  4. I purchased P90X directly from Beachbody and I didn’t have any typos that I could find in the workout manual or the nutrition guide. I think Jillian right, your friend might have purchased a pirated copy…
    There are a lot of P90Xers online that are more than willing to give your husband support, and you if you choose try the program. I’m one of them 🙂

    Sadly, I’ve never seen the entire 90 days through…. I done Phase 1 3 times now, then I let life get in the way. But even then, I’ve experienced positive results! Just imagine if I actually became a P90X grad…

    As far as nutrition, it is very important, but I didn’t follow the meal plan… I used it more as a guide to give me an idea of he amount of calories and nutrients I needed to fuel my workouts.

    Good luck to your husband!

    • The program does sound great and I’m not sure I’m interested in trying the whole thing myself right now, I am intrigued to try the yoga part!

      Yeah, I am feeling the nutrition part would be better if he just gets a balanced intake and uses it as a guide. When he tries to consume so much protein and little carbs like it recommends, he bonks!

  5. Hi Jill –
    My BF and I did P90X about 1.5 years ago. It was TOUGH. We did all the workouts, every day, for 2.5 months.
    I get monthly massages from the same therapist, and after one month of P90x she commented that she’d ‘never ever’ seen a body change so dramatically, so quickly before in her entire career! It definitely worked. We didn’t follow the nutrition plan because we’re both pure vegetarians, but managed to follow the total % recommendations when it came to protein v. carbs v. fat.
    The workouts do get repetitive after 3 months. That’s the only problem I think. But I still do Ab Ripper & the Legs+Back workout weekly all this time later. I would recommend the program, but it takes a lot of time and dedication. Helps to have a partner to keep you accountable, or just basic support.
    Good luck to you both!

    • That’s a great testament to the program. And I appreciate your feedback about having a partner to support and for accountability. Even though I’m not following the program myself, I can still keep him in check! 🙂

  6. Hi Jill, I just completed P90x at the end of April. I bought my copy from Beachbody through Amazon and got a shrink wrapped version at the same time a friend of mine bought a copy off of Craigslist for less than half price, which I believe is a pirated copy. So my guess is your copy is one of those, because my book doesn’t have those typos, hard to believe the couldn’t copy it correctly! It is kind of hard to keep going to finish, but for me I approached it in 3 week increments which helped and I hand’t ever really finished a workout program so this was a personal thing to finish it. I really didn’t follow the meal plan either, but it did help to guide me through… When I was done I ended up seeing a Cardiologist for a completely different issue related to working out… and he was surprised I finished it, because he only made it through 6 weeks and quit, but did say it was probably the best 70min workout there is. His last comment to me was keep doing p90x! I now do a few workouts a week and will probably start a new 90 days in the fall, when it’s a bit cooler as my workout area is in the garage, and its just way to hot out there.. I still think Yoga X is the hardest workout… the first 45 min are killer, then it gets better! Good luck to him!

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