Week in Re/Preview

Jade the Boxer says Let Me In!!!When I do yoga, strength training or treadmill at home, I spend the time in what we call our “bonus room.”  It has windows that overlook the living room below and the door has glass in it.  Thus whenever I’m in there, I have an observer throughout most of my workout!

The Review:

  • Monday: Abs & Shoulders with NTC app and Tabata sprints
  • Tuesday: Glutes & Backs with NTC app and 3 mile run at Fleet Feet (the first run of 2011 in triple digit heat… that’s always the worst one)
  • Wednesday: Abs and Arms with NTC app and short yoga practice (until JadeTheBoxer felt the need to join me! Then it devolved into a giggle fest while I laid on the floor and the dog walked on top of me.)
  • Thursday: Easy yoga
  • Friday: rest day
  • Saturday: 9 miles with my Team
  • Sunday: yoga

So… previously I said I would do the NTC app nearly every day this week.  That may have been a little bit too ambitious.  Silly me thought, “I’ll do two of the 15 minute workouts that target certain body parts.”  Well, every single move is a compound move in some way… so when doing shoulder presses you’re also squatting and when doing lunges with weights, you also twist.  By Thursday morning I was feeling a good amount of soreness (DOMS).  That meant a change in my plans.

I also needed to alter my schedule based on a little incident Monday evening.  I was in the backyard, barefoot, with Jade and I stubbed the bottom of my right foot against the edging between the patio and the lawn.  Right on the fleshy part of my forefoot.  I’m really talented at sustaining these completely random injuries… it’s my natural grace.  Anyway, my foot really hurt.  When it came time to go run at Fleet Feet on Tuesday night, I decided to rub in a little pain relief cream that I got from Arbonne before heading out.  Midway through the run my foot felt super hot… like it might burst into spontaneous flames.  I didn’t link the pain cream to the area until I was driving home.  I pulled my shoes and sock off to see this:

The pain has continued throughout the week… I taped it up using KT Tape for my Team Challenge practice on Saturday and I’ve been icing it.  Hopefully the pain goes away, I don’t want it to be any of the numerous horrible things I’ve managed to convince myself it could be based on a little Googling.

I’m starting to think that by posting my plans for the week is a surefire way to make certain that isn’t what happens!  But whatever… we’ll give it another go here.

The Preview:

  • Monday: 30 minutes NTC app and Tabata sprints
  • Tuesday: 60 minutes at Fleet Feet
  • Wednesday: 30 minutes NTC app and yoga
  • Thursday: Traveling, we’ll see what happens
  • Friday: rest day
  • Saturday: 11 miles with my Team
  • Sunday: yoga
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  1. Those NTC workouts are tough!! I couldn’t walk for a week after one… 🙂

    Chary hybrid tans — what my phone wants to “autocorrect” chasing the kenyans to… Random.

    • iPhone auto-corrects are so weird sometimes! My mom just barely got an iPhone and she sent me a text that said “First text! Elohim!” Followed up with one, “First time autocorrect got me… was supposed to be First text! Woohoo!”

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