Week in Re/Preview

I’ve never been much for having a dedicated schedule for posting on my site… but I’m going to give it a whirl.  I’m going to try doing a recap of the previous week and a preview of the new week each Monday. 

Since I didn’t do a preview for last week, and I’m not feeling all that impressed with myself on last week’s training (darn bronchitis!)… I’ll just start with a preview!

Assuming life goes to plan… this is what I’m thinking my schedule will be like this week:

  • Monday* – 30 minutes with Nike Training Club (NTC) app and tabata sprints**
  • Tuesday – 30 minutes NTC app and 60 minutes of running, run/walk or walking at Fleet Feet (all depends on who from my Team Challenge crew shows up!)
  • Wednesday – 30 minutes NTC app & yoga
  • Thursday – 30 minutes NTC app and 30 minutes run
  • Friday – 30 minutes NTC app & yoga
  • Saturday – Team Challenge training
  • Sunday – rest day

* Technically, as I’m writing this I’ve already done those Monday items… so I’ve already got something checked off the list! 🙂

**Tabata sprints are 20 second sprints followed by a 10 second recovery, usually repeated at least 8 times.  I’ve never done them before this week but I’ve read good things about them in regard to fitness.  I’ll be taking them easy at first because I’m planning to do them on my treadmill and I want to make sure that I retain my balance when jumping on and off the belt. This week’s were done at an 8:30 pace, partly due to testing the process and partly due to testing out my lungs with being sick and still being on antibiotics. They were easy… so next week that pace will go up!


  1. I have never heard of Tabata intervals for running–very interesting. I use Tabata intervals in my bootcamp class. It is KILLER for squats. Do you have an interval timer? I love my Gymboss!

    • Wendi, thanks for leaving a comment! I have not tried Crossfit… I’ve read lots about and I’m intrigued by the process. My co-coach did a Crossfit Endurance 2-day workshop recently and he came back full of great information. I’d love to give it a try sometime. Have you done it?

      • that’s where I thought you got the tabata from but if he did crossfit endurance, that must be it!! it’s very intense and honestly, it’s not a good compliement for me as I try to train for a marathon, BUT, if you don’t want to “specialize” in anything, it’s a great way to workout. I did it for about 2 years but transitioned into running more just because I like it a little better 🙂

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