The Good and the Bad

The Bad:

More antibiotics for bronchitis and strained ribs from coughing so hard.

#JadeTheBoxer puking up random unidentifiable objects.
Owly Images

The Good:

New Saucony Hattori shoes
Saucony Hattori

Running hoodie from The Relay Runner
Run Hoodie

Running with new friends Charlene (RunningWithCharlene & @cragsdale) and Casey (@vivarunvegas).
Running Friends

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  1. That sweatshirt looks so super comfy! Looks like the bad is pretty bad (sorry!) but the good is really good! I can’t wait to hear what you think of the hattoris. And how are you enjoying running with friends? I’ve been doing more and more group running and I’m really enjoying it.

    • I love running with other people, but I also enjoy my solitary time. I find that when I get too much of one or the other that’s when I get cranky!

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