National Running Day 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011 is National Running Day!
National Running Day 2011

The logo for the campaign is above, with my answer to the “I Run…” filled in.  It took me a moment to decide how I wanted to answer the statement though.  But just thinking through it helps me realize that cutting back my mileage for a while and getting slower in a few recent races doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of why I run.

I don’t run to get faster (although, it’s fun to get faster) and I don’t run to get PR’s (again, that is fun) and I don’t run to be better than anyone else.

Running has been instrumental in my recovery from an eating disorder.  Running helps me feel more connected to the city where I live.  Running makes me pay attention to my body and the cues it is giving me. Running empowers me. Running introduces me to new people. Running is play time. Running is me time. Running is friend time. Running gives me hope for the future.
Running helps me feel alive!

You can download your own blank logo from the National Running Day media page.

Why do you run?
Will you get out for a run (even just a mile or a block) on National Running Day?

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  1. I’m excited for tomorrow! I hope to get a run in but I also have kickboxing and lawn mowing. Hoping to get a little run in at noon. 🙂

  2. Of course, it helps if I answer your questions:

    Why do I run? I, too, run to feel alive. But I also run to keep me alive. I love the feeling of health and wellness after a run (even if I’m “dying” from the humidity or heat). Running makes me happy and keeps my mind sane. It keeps my brain active and helps me make decisions and come up with new ideas. Running frees my soul.

  3. I run because it makes me feel stronger.

    I encourage my friends and family to run and to exercise to live a long and healthy life. I also blog about healthy living.

    I’m rebuilding my life back after a sad and sudden death of my mother. She passed away three years ago due to an infection. She was only 54 when she died.

    I believe that running helps me feel stronger when I am without her, and helps the human body fight off infections and diseases. Exercising was one of the things she lacked in her busy workaholic schedule. In a way, I am doing it for her.

    Running also makes me feel confident and have me looking forward to the future.

    • Clara, thanks for sharing that. I’m sorry you lost your mother. Human life can be so fragile, it can definitely be something that triggers positive changes in our lives. And I agree, running definitely inspires confidence. Thank you for sharing!

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