nuun & Hood to Coast Relay

nuun (my beverage of choice… other than diet soft drinks (or pop, as I call it), but that’s a whole other realm…) is putting together a team of female bloggers to run the Hood to Coast Relay in August… and I want to be on that team!

Seriously, I love nuun so I’d be a great representative to be part of their team.  I drink a bottle of it each day (from a nuun-branded bottle).  I’ve found that drinking it regularly makes me feel better when I do run, even in the heat.  I’m hoping that carries through to the heat of the summer.  But when I’ve been drinking it each day, I don’t end up as much of a salt-lick after a run as I usually do.

I have a good stash of it right now:
nuun stash
Yep, that’s 9 tubes of it…

… and I have 4 more coming. (There was an awesome deal on’s Schwaggle… I couldn’t pass it up when it is something I use anyway!)

I mentioned the possibility of running the relay to my Team Challenge co-coach and he said, “You gotta do it! That would be amazing!”  So I already have permission to skip coaching that day.

And my husband is fully supportive of me doing this too.

So now it just needs to become a reality.  I’ll wear nuun apparel throughout the run (and on other days if needed!) and I will tattoo nuun on my arms (okay, maybe not… but I’d wear temporary tattoos with the logo!) and I would dye my hair with nuun (like people do with Kool-aid, but I don’t think it would work that well, plus it would feel like a waste of perfectly wonderful nuun!)

PS – I still owe everyone a review of the new nuun flavors, but here’s a preview… I like them a lot! Even the one I thought I might not like.

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  1. you have to do it!… if for any other reason, to get to go to oregon (my favorite place ever)….if i am around, i will come cheer you on…and next year, i say we form our own relay team 🙂
    also, my boyfriend and i tried nuun a few weeks ago and i like it a lot ~

  2. well let me know if i need to go vote for you or anything! 🙂

    i need to look up these nuun’s. i’ve heard about them a good bit, but i have no idea how they work/what they do.

  3. I’d never heard of nuun before reading this! Sounds like a good way of replacing electrolytes 🙂 Good luck getting on the relay team, I’m sure you’ll rock it, and it sounds like a great way of meeting some new fellow bloggers.

    • Ali, You should definitely try nuun. I’m really sold on it! I love all the flavors too!

      It would be a blast to meet a bunch of bloggers as part of the relay team. My blogging friends that I’ve met in person are awesome and there are several that I haven’t met in person but already feel like they’re friends and I’m sure once we meet in real life it will be like we’ve known each other all along!

    • I love nuun! I’ve been drinking it for years! It’s seriously my favorite! Good luck to you as well!

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