Holiday Breaking…

I haven’t been keeping up with the blogging lately.  I had eye surgery one week ago, and part of the recovery from that has been trying to avoid using my computer too much.   That also means that I haven’t run much because I am not supposed to sweat in my eyes and it’s been pouring rain here basically every day since my surgery.  (Flooding level of rain, it’s been crazy!)

I will resume more regular posting after Christmas, including several reviews that I have wanted to post.  But in the meantime, I just wanted to share a few things:

If you’re an iPhone owner and you are on DailyMile, you may want to download the app ElectricMiles.  It’s an awesome little FREE app that allows you to track your DailyMile workouts and discussions on the go.  It’s so much better than using the mobile site.  (But I appreciate that they offer a mobile version, nonetheless.)

Run Boston for Charity
A charity group reached out to me and asked if I would let people know about the opportunity to run the Boston Marathon as part of their group.  Here are the details:
“Team members will raise funds to bring new hope and a healthier future to people everywhere who face loss of sight, hearing, voice, balance, taste and smell, as well as head and neck cancer.  Team members must commit to raising a minimum of $5,000 for research and patient care at Massachusetts Eye and Ear.  Fundraising and training support will be offered.  The team coach, Fred Treseler, is recognized as one of the best in the country. “
Visit their site for full details

Some gadget called the BodyMedia Fit Armband BW is outfitting one of their interns with the device during CES here in Vegas the first week of January.  And they’ve set-up a website so you can follow along and see just how much energy is expended living the Vegas lifestyle.  Or at least… the Vegas tourist lifestyle.  I have no experience with this device, but the company asked if I would help spread the word about this little experiment, so I thought I may as well post something about it since I know many of you like gadgets and fitness and when the two collide!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I am getting nothing in return from any of these items.  Just in the spirit of holiday giving, I’m sharing the love for something I like and for people who have reached out to me for help!


  1. I figured that’s why you weren’t blogging so much, because of the eyes. I hope you also took time off from work (oh wait, you did, right? Because I remember your in-laws showed up the other day.)

    I hope your eye continues to get better, and yeah, that is so weird how you guys out in the southwest are getting clobbered with such wet weather. It’s supposedly coming our way now but luckily it should arrive the day AFTER i travel, woohoo!

    • Yep, I took a ton of time off work. Over 2 weeks when it’s all done. I’m loving it!

      Hopefully the weather stays at bay for your travels. The potential for it to be freezing & icy is a lot higher on that side of the country!

  2. i doubt i’d be staring at the computer much if i ever had eye surg! i probably should get it… but i dunno…

    i got your card! i LOL’d at the “i can’t write anymore” – so true. you’d think i could at least sign my name at the store when i’m checking out but for some reason i always try to write a J instead of an L. makes no sense.

    merry christmas!

    • I’m so glad you got the card! I’ve gotten bad at signing my name at the grocery store, I just scribble. My name basically consists of about 3 letters and a bunch of squiggly lines when I sign now.

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