Running Confession

Every Tuesday night (well, nearly every Tuesday night) I run at 7 PM at Fleet Feet Sports.

And every Tuesday, I have to really talk myself into it.

After having the whole work day behind me and then doing some chores around the house, I always just want to camp out on the couch and veg for a little while.

Yesterday that feeling was particularly strong. I was feeling full of anxiety, like I had way too much on my plate. I tweeted that I needed to be able to split myself into several different versions of Jill: 4 web workers, a runner, a couple coaches, a wife and a dog mommy. (I should probably have a chef and a housecleaner version in there too…. but I don’t want to do those.) More than anything I wanted to just “shut off” for the day.

But I got my running clothes on and drove to the store. I knew several of my Team Challenge runners/walkers would be there, I knew I needed to talk about Saturday’s training route for the group with my co-coach Jimmy and deep down inside I knew I needed to run.

Once I get there and start to run, I feel so much better. In fact, the run is definitely a better antidote for the daily stress I put myself through. If I actually chose to stay at home and bum I would probably feel even worse. The run HEALS me. And even though I recognize this, and know this, and appreciate this… I still have to battle myself each week to get this run in particular done started.

What about you? Any things about running that are hard for you, even when they’re good for you?


  1. As long as you’re cloning, I’ll take a cook and house cleaner, too. The only catch is that I want the Jill version of the cook.

  2. I feel this way about running a lot, especially when I’ve had a hard day and I need it most. Most of the time it’s not the running itself that makes me anxious, but just getting it started. I think that for me it has a lot to do with the expectations I let build up around the run and what I should be able to accomplish.

  3. Makes total sense. On Thursdays, when I’m healthy again, I’ll be running with my running group. But it’s two hours after I could leave work for the night and I could be home vegging out, so yeah, I totally understand. I’m sorry things have been so stressful for you lately.

  4. This makes total sense. Since starting my second job, I am really struggling to fit it all in. It has been so hard. I am trying so hard and still, I am just too tired at the end of the day. I hope I can get it together soon- I did run in Colorado but now I am back to the grind…

  5. My feet have been hurting particularly bad the past few weeks and it has been really hard to keep up the walking. I don’t know what is causing the pain but I know if I ever stop walking, it will be way hard to get in the habit again. So, I just walk.

  6. I have been feeling this immensely since the marathon over a month ago. What’s sad is the weather has been beautiful which is soon to pass me by and then I’ll be maybe running in the snow. Why I do this, I don’t know…but every year, I struggle after the marathon to keep running…especially during the winter. And I know I’d feel better after I ran, but I just don’t do it. 😦 I need to find some motivation.

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