Runner’s Gut

I am so tired of having such an irritable digestive system when it comes to my running!  You name it, I’ve experienced it…

  • Puked? Check
  • Runners Trots? Check
  • Gas? Check
  • Bloat? Check
  • Heartburn? Check

It seems that every stage of digestion has disagreed with me at some point in my training.  The trouble is that it is becoming increasingly frequent, sometimes even shorter mileage brings on terrible trouble.  Having to worry about ‘Code Brown’ regularly is not conducive to good running.

I have always had issues with digestion, it’s just that when I was relatively “healthy” I didn’t run and in the time that I have run I have put my body through some crazy cycles of malnutrition.  So I have no idea if these issues are just the “normal” for me from my previous state exacerbated by running or if the troubles stem from trying to reign in my eating habits.

Vidazorb probioticsRecently I was sent some Vidazorb probiotic tablets.  I decided to give them a try to see how they affected my system.  Overall, I feel like they’ve helped… but there are still bad days.  And when I have bad days, they’re getting to be REALLY BAD days.  It almost makes me reconsider this… but nothing can replace the high that comes from a good run.  So I keep on keeping on.

According to the Vidazorb web site: “Probiotics have been proven to be beneficial in the treatment of diarrhea, urinary tract infections, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, eczema, and allergies, among other ills.”  I’ve even seen some sources say they can help acne, tooth decay and from the way some people rave about them they can problem bring on world peace (if everybody took their probiotics!).

I tried the Orange-Pineapple flavors of Vidazorb tablets.  They’re not terrible, but there is definitely no way you’ll accidentally think you’re eating candy.  Basically, they taste like a chewable vitamin.  You have to take them 3 times a day and a 30 day supply of 90 tablets costs around $40.  So yeah… they’re pricey.  And I’m not sure I can justify a cost like that each month.

I do feel that they’ve helped me enough to convince me to try a different probiotic supplement.  So in a couple days I will begin a new round of probiotics with a different brand to see how I feel.  But like I said at the beginning of this post… I’m tired of feeling like crap.

The Vidazorb tablets were sent to me free because of this blog. They just happened to be offered at a time when I was getting really frustrated and this review is completely my own.


  1. I was once actually prescribed probiotics for my Crohn’s from my gastroenterologist, and they did not help me at all…If I remember correctly, they made me feel more bloating and pain. I have not done much research on them, but I think probiotics may help a more regular digestive with minor issues, but for the more serious digestive issues, I do not think these low doses of “good bacteria” stand a chance against the bad bacteria that are causing the problems to begin with. Plus there are so many different kinds of probiotics, you could spend forever trying to find the one that best helps you. I guess it is pretty obvious I am not so optimistic about the probiotic hype. The body is so complex and everyone’s reacts so differently…I am curious to see how you like the new ones.. keep me posted!

  2. Runner’s Gut…yukky. I don’t blame you for being frustrated. I hope the probiotics help, or that you find something else that does. Don’t give up hope. There’s something out there…or maybe it’s just a matter of time 😉

  3. I thought by “gut” you would discuss the flab/kangaroo pouch runners like myself have. I often have to plan a route that has a bathroom – especially if I didn’t already have a “movement” that day. It wasn’t always this way… I don’t know what changed…

  4. LOL at Lindsay!

    I usually have to plan a route with a bathroom if it is more than a few miles. I have been known to throw up in someone’s yard a time or two as well. Probiotics never helped me although my dr prescribed them. 😦 Currently I take a Green Tea tab, vitamin D and Vitamin C along with a Fish Oil once a day. This worked really well with my racing all summer and I had no problems- I think it kept my immunity boosted and that might have helped. But honestly, I have no real sound advice. Sorry!

  5. You know what I swear by? Acidophilus. SERIOUSLY. I take 2 pills a day and my stomach has been way more settled and I’m digesting a lot better, too. I haven’t had a gassy, upset stomach while running in a long time! (Ignore my puking in the Parks Half Marathon… that was because I ate too many brownies the night before!) Acidophilus is the probiotic you find in yogurt…times a zillion. 🙂

    I also take: Vitamin D, calcium supplement, B12 Complex, and sometimes glucosamine.

  6. Hi Jill,
    So sorry to hear about your GI issues. Anything that keeps us from running is super frustrating, I know! Have you heard of/researched Celiac Disease? I am gluten intolerant and when I overdo the wheat-eating I suffer headaches, low energy, severe bowel problems (both ends of the spectrum), gas, etc. I just wanted to mention it to you because once I stopped eating wheat 1 year ago my life changed drastically, and I lost 10 pounds without trying. Hope this helps!

    • One of the gals I coach has Celiac and has suggested that I go off wheat. But that’s so hard! And there are so many yummy things that contain wheat! 🙂 But I may give it a try just to see if I feel different. I’ve been trying to eat a larger variety of grains so I don’t eat just wheat all day.

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