Running at Coyote Springs

My friends’ company has been hired to organize a race at the new Coyote Springs development about 50 miles outside Las Vegas. The development has a fancy-schmancy golf course and is supposed to be full of homes eventually. They have built it with a bunch of trails going through the desert and canyons, so the races are going to be held completely on the trails. There will be a variety of distances, from 10K to ultra.

Today I went out to Coyote Springs to GPS the half-marathon course with my friend Jimmy. I tried taking a few pictures with my iPhone out there, but it was hard to see what I was doing. (Truthfully, I couldn’t see the screen at all in the sunlight. I just pointed it in a general direction, crossed my fingers and took the picture. I love my iPhone and iPad, but I’m sorry Apple… your products suck in the sunlight. Just sayin’…) Fortunately the pictures turned out alright.

Coyote Springs trails

Most of the run is on single-track trail. The first part of the half marathon will take the runners on a little out-and-back on a dirt road to get the first couple miles done, but to also thin out the crowd before setting them loose on the narrow trails. It would be a little crazy if everyone was trying to start off in a big cluster, but forced into essentially single-file line!

Coyote Springs trails

The trail winds through some canyons and climbs up to a summit that overlooks down further into the valley. Here’s a shot of Jimmy looking out over the summit.

Coyote Springs trails

We were in full sun for most of the run, and with the slight warm-up we’ve had this weekend it got a little hot, but not too bad. There was a desert breeze coming across every now and then that helped cool things down. There wasn’t a lot of shade on the trail, just a couple little tiny stretches from the hills casting shadows down on the trail.

Coyote Springs trails

I packed pretzels to munch on while I ran. I’ve had too many times where sugar just made me feel like hurling while running, so I tried something new this time. I figured pretzels would be a good source of simple carbs as well as extra salt. I actually really liked eating them while I ran.

This was a really fun run for me, it just made me feel like a kid again. My brother and I used to pack backpacks full of snacks (usually chips/crackers/pretzels and fruit snacks) as well as some Kool-aid or Capri Sun pouches and spend hours wandering around the hills near our home. Much of this terrain was similar to the area that I grew up in, only we had more trees. They were evergreen Juniper trees, not providing much shade, but still more trees… especially because there weren’t any trees at Coyote Springs.

We ran about 10.6 miles. We didn’t run the stretch that would start the race, just doing the GPS from within the truck for that stretch. We ran all of the single track, because the only way to get that data is to cover it on foot. Due to the remoteness of these trails runners will have to carry a lot of their own fluids and fuel as we won’t be able to put an aid station every couple miles. But it should still be a lot of fun for all the participants. If you’re looking to have a weekend in Vegas with a challenging trail run, sign up for the Coyote Springs trail runs! šŸ™‚

Coyote Springs trails


  1. That looks like an awesome time! And the scenery is breath taking… it’s funny too, because this weekend I took saltines on my run instead of gummies. I didn’t get to use them, but I am going to try them for my next long run, too!

  2. Wow that is a really narrow trail! Looks like you had fun. Do you guys have to worry about snakes out there in the desert? I don’t think I’d get near a trail like that around here at this time of the year!

  3. The concept of trails out west where you, Alissa and Lisa are, is so different than the way it is here in the northeast. By that, I mean with the sun, and lack of trees. Ours would have a ton of shade. Actually it’d be unusual to see the sunlight unless it was just coming down through the trees.

    The one and only time I did a trail race, I munched on pretzels too. They do work well!

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