Mammoth Lakes Escape

This past weekend my husband and I took a spur-of-the-moment trip to Mammoth Lakes, CA. We literally got online on Wednesday, booked a condo and checked in the very next day. It was glorious to spend a few days away, truly relaxing.

We got to hike to beautiful places like this:
Devil's Postpile

Rainbow Falls

Mono Lake

I got to run at altitude, in a place where I could run at 9:00 AM when the sun was out and I didn’t end up with heat exhaustion. The daytime highs weren’t even as hot as our overnight lows are at this time of year! I haven’t been taking self-portraits the past couple months, so I guess my whole documenting the year of 2010 in running is no longer happening. But I did take pics on this trip!
July 24 Run July 25 Run

I kept my eyes open but I didn’t spot any elite runners cruising around the area… but I did pass a lady running in the opposite direction of me… she was about 65ish and was really flying. That’s how I want to be!

We’re already planning to return, it’s such a beautiful area and so relaxing. I posted it on Twitter and Facebook, but I’ll repeat it…. Mountain air is good for my soul!


    • It makes me feel special when you say my pics are great… considering your awesome skills with photography. And you’re right, we need to explore Mt Charleston more, get to know the hometown mountain.

  1. Yay for vacations!!! Mammoth Lake looks absolutely beautiful, I’m so glad you and your hubby took some time to yourself to do something fun! Getting away from the heat of Vegas was good for you, I think.

  2. How strange is it that you, Alissa and I all went to Mammoth Lakes in the same month! I would love it if we could all time our trips next time so we can run together.

    I am glad you had such a nice time. I hope that some of my suggestions were helpful. I LOVE your pictures. My point-and-shoot camera didn’t do that scenery justice. Next time, I am bringing my good camera.

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