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What Exercise Science Doesn’t Know About Women
For some reason I am always surprised when I read about studies where conventional wisdom is disproved after doing studies on women. Not that I’m surprised that women yield different results from men, just that there are still scientists who do so many studies purely on men and those results are published as gospel for everyone. I remember reading about how it was just in recent years that researchers were figuring out that artificial joints should be made differently for women as opposed to men’s versions. Not just smaller, but they operate differently. Anyway, this article doesn’t give any answers about things, but it does show that there is a whole world of research that needs to be done with women as test subjects.

Why Soccer Players are Good Distance Runners
The World Cup had the world in a frenzy for a while. (I don’t understand soccer that much!) But I saw this article and I thought of friends that play soccer. It makes sense that a soccer player should be fairly good at running, they get a lot of time on their feet (building endurance), they move at different speeds (interval training) and they move in various directions (lateral strength). Not that I’m going to start playing soccer though, just an interesting little article, despite the spelling errors.

The Pronation Control Paradigm is Starting to Crumble
My husband sent me this article and it’s really interesting. Overall the whole thing is focusing on a study that put runners in different categories of shoes, several of them in the “wrong” classification according to what would usually be “prescribed” for their anatomy. The findings are surprising, but the overall message at the end is solid and I’ll re-iterate it here: “…turn on your sensors and listen to your body.”

Do Certain Types of Sneakers Prevent Injuries?
This is the NY Times article that is referenced in the previous item. It touches on the same research, but it also points to a study conducted by the military in regard to the same topic.

With this Rinse, Performance Improves
I’ve heard it before, but this one reiterates the fact that just rinsing your mouth with carbohydrates can boost performance similar to consuming the carbs. I like the end of the article though because it states that most runners would be better off just drinking the sport drink instead of “sipping and then spitting out expensive, sticky spit.” There is already a lot of disgusting stuff that goes on at races, can you imagine how awful it would become if the common practice was for everyone to rinse and spit? EW!

One comment

  1. It’s not surprising that all the so-called research is only completed on men instead of women. I think there’s still a mentality out there that women aren’t of the same caliber of athletes as men. It’s sad really that scientist don’t even think about comparing both genders, or studying them.

    And the carb rinse? Weird…not sure I could handle that, but might be worth a try. 🙂

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