Badwater 2010

It’s Badwater Week!!!!

This is the week that a bunch of crazy ultramarathoners* descend upon the desert out here to run 135 miles through Death Valley, where temperatures can easily exceed 120° and the overnight lows are often in the 90’s.

Some things I’m watching this year:
Jamie Donaldson is looking for her 3rd win in a row in the race this year. This gal is an amazing ultrarunner.

– Shannon Farar-Griefer from Moeben is in the race for her 5th time and has Deena Kastor (noisy site warning) on her crew as a pacer. I think this will be an amazingly different experience for Deena!

– Pam Reed, another strong ultra-runner (read my review of her book) and past Badwater winner will be racing this year.

– Marcos Farinazzo, last year’s winner in an incredible performance, is returning. We’ll have to see if he defends his title!

You can follow along with the action by checking out the Badwater webcast or by following AdventureCorps on Twitter. It’s a pretty remote location so they sometimes have trouble getting signals out, but they did a great job of keeping those updates coming last year. I know I’ll be checking in to see how things are going.

* I say crazy with the utmost love and respect. Some of my favorite people are “crazy ultramarathoners” and have done or have aspirations to do this race!


  1. I have read a few books about Badwater…and read books about those who have run it. I cannot wrap my brain around it, at all…I don’t even like running in 90 degrees!!!

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