Multiple Fails!

Last night was a tough run! I ain’t gonna lie… It happens to everyone at times and I guess last night was just one of those times for me.

Fail #1
I went to a meeting before the run, thus I tried to throw things in my car that I would need. I grabbed my run bag*, threw a couple more items in and set out. But when I got there I realized I had forgotten my water bottle and the Endurolytes I had planned on bringing. But I had a stick of deodorant in my bag and a super old knee brace… I think I need to clean out my run bag.

Fail #2
Most of my Team Challenge members didn’t show up. It’s okay, they don’t have to come to the mid-week runs. (Well, they don’t have to come to the weekend runs either, but the Saturday runs are the official group runs. Tuesday nights they’re just invited to come run at Fleet Feet with me.) It was supposed to be the start of tempo runs for those that are ready to incorporate that into training. Only one gal showed up. We assumed the heat may have kept some people from coming, but come on… it was ONLY 98 out. It wasn’t even above 100! HTFU!

Fail #3
Since I only had one Team Challenge runner there, she got some one-on-one attention. She has been struggling with her Nike+ so we decided to try getting that to work. We decided we’d run a mile (using my Garmin for distance), then check it out. At the conclusion of the mile her device said .47 miles. So we were trying to do another 1 mile calibration, this time at a quicker tempo (using the Garmin again to help with pacing). Again, no luck. Then we decided to do a quarter mile calibration, but the calibration settings just would not work. It was at this point that my Garmin decided it needed to flip me the bird and quit for the night. I would try to start the timer but it wouldn’t do anything. It showed the pace changing, but the timer and distance just would not respond, they appeared frozen or locked. I reset it and it still wouldn’t work. Grr….

Fail #4
My left foot started hurting during the run. I’ve actually had a little pain on the outside edge of that foot after my past several runs, but not during the run. The other weird thing was the top part of my foot along that same edge started to burn, like someone had dumped hot peppers in my socks.** When I finished I got in my car, took my shoe off and drove home. When I got home and into better light I could see a bright red streak right on the top of my foot in the burning zone.
Visual Foot Pain

I sprayed a little Action Wipes sports spray on it and that helped. Then after I ate a little bit I took a shower and all visual evidence of that pain was gone. But it was pretty annoying.

*My run bag is just a simple sporty bag where I keep a few items for running so I have easy access to them when I’m running away from home. The most important item in there is typically a towel. I don’t like sitting on my leather car seats on the way home from sweaty runs in the summer heat! But I also have a lot of random crap from travels and expos that has settled into various pockets.

**Nobody has ever actually put peppers in my socks and this is not an invitation for anyone to do so. I’m just assuming that fire is what peppers burning flesh would feel like.


  1. yes… we all have runs like that.

    I had to laugh out loud at the HTFU reference. 98 degrees is pretty darn HOT, especially this early in the year. I was whining yesterday when it was 80 here. I am not acclimated yet. I am impressed that you acclimate to that heat so quickly. But how did you do it without water or Endurolytes?????

    I always tell myself (well, I tell other people and have to be reminded of it myself) that the best thing about a bad run is how good a good run feels after it. I’m sure you’ll have better luck next time.

    oh…. and I have random crap in my run bag too, including smaller bags that I have used as drop bags, an old foil blanket from a marathon and some dried out baby wipes (I NEED to replace those for the summer).

  2. Yeah! If you’re gonna run in Vegas, you’re gonna have to run in 98 degrees…that’s practically balmy for pete’s sake πŸ™‚

    Watch that foot! I have complete foot-pain phobias now.

  3. But I’m sorry your day was less than stellar.. but on the upside..I have a running bag too!!!

  4. HTFU- too funny!

    Jill, one of the best things about reading your blog is your honesty. If you said every run was perfect, I wouldn’t believe you! It is the bad runs, that make the good runs, great!

  5. I know I definitely have these runs. It’s nice to read about someone else’s to remind me of that I’m not the only one πŸ™‚

  6. Ok, sorry, what does HTFU stand for?! (God, I feel so out of it – is it a SW thing? And like Lisa said, we definitely all have those kinds of days/runs. My friend Lis has left home without a running bra, I think I’ve left without shorts. Lots of debacles Nice of you to try to help out your runner though with the Nike plus! (I’ve also had problems lately with my Garmin 405, just not letting me get the info from my watch to the computer, only thing I could do was just wipe out a whole lot of history, it sucked.)

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