Monday Brain Exchange
This week’s question for the Monday Brain Exchange is:
Do your family and friends know about your blog? If so, what do they think of it? If not, why haven’t you told them?

Yes, most people close to me know about my blog. I’m not sure what everyone thinks of it. I know the topic probably bores some of them to tears, thus the reason why they only check in every now and then. My husband reads every single thing I post. As does my mom. Although, my husband has never and probably will never comment and my mom only comments occasionally. That’s okay, I know they’re out there.

I have a personal blog that I’ve had since 2001. I used to spread that thing all around “teh interwebs”, but lately I’ve been holding it a little more closely as I try to figure out what I’m doing with it. I like having a place to vent, but I have felt a little more exposed with that one lately so my posting has been hit-and-miss.

Belly Dancers
At the finish line for yesterday’s Race for the Cure there was a group of belly dancers performing. They’re pretty sexy, you know? Their bellies are not perfectly flat and six-pack like all the media tells us that women are supposed to have. Instead, they are rounder and sensual, the way that women are built by nature.

I’m increasingly frustrated at a world that tells everybody they need to fit in specific molds to be attractive (both men and women have media-promoted molds) and I wish more people would recognize the unique beauty found in all of us.

Crummy Running
This has been an overall crummy week of running. I had a pretty good run on Tuesday, but the rest of the week was hard for me. It was super windy every day, which makes me feel like I’m being blown over as well as causing extreme eye irritation/burning/watering/itching and a stuffed up nose. Beyond that, my motivation was just flagging. I don’t know what the deal was, but I’ve just felt exhausted.

I’m hoping next week is much better.


  1. Sorry you had a bad week of running….it happens to us all. Good topic on who knows about your blog. It took me FOREVER to let my running partners know I had one. Not sure why, but it’s all cool now of course.

    • Sometimes it is kind of weird to tell people about your blog… even if they’re cool with it. Even with how prolific blogs are these days, there are still some people that look at you kind of odd when you explain that you blog!

  2. I’m sorry that I don’t comment very often. I thought you probably wouldn’t want every post having a response from your Mommy. I always have thoughts, and often share them with you some other way. I love your blogs though. They give me a different connection that we have ever had through conversation alone. So much of our conversation is about the “mechanics” of life, and I see other sides of you in the blogs.

    I liked your comments when we saw the belly dancers at the race, and I totally agree with you.

    I think you are amazing, and am proud and honored to be your mom!

  3. Is it me, or my computer, or does your blog look different now than it used to? I like this comment feature better, anyway!

    Your family is like mine – my mom reads every single post, Bill reads most of them, I think. My mom has just discovered what it means to leave a comment on my blog so she started that up last week (Yeah, I’m scared, LOL.) Bill only leaves comments if he can sign them as Ruthie or someone else, goofy-like. And the rest of the family – yeah they don’t read it often. My brother does sometimes, especially when I send him a link. I know he’s way too busy – I’ve been down to NYC to visit him so I’ve seen his crazy schedule.

    And for crummy running – well that has been me the last few days. Could have something to do with the fact that yesterday and today it was disgustingly humid (might even have been worse this morning, humidity-wise than yesterday) and over 80 degrees at the same time, but I’m used to running in 40s! So once again, we’re ccyyyycling….. LOL

    • Yep, my blog looks different now! I was messing around with it over the weekend. I think I’m going to do a little more switch-up, but I’m liking how it’s going!

      Seriously, do we share a brain sometimes! So funny how often we are experiencing the same things at the same time! I’m pretty sure my running struggles were all weather related last week. It was super windy (excess of 60mph!) and the temperature was all over the place, mid 70’s, upper 50’s… all while maintaining the same wind. I’m sure your weather changes weren’t helpful!

  4. I am sure it will excite yu to know that your Stub reads every word. It sometime seems I have to read a few days at a time but they are read. It is totally intimidating to read about what you are doing and that you ENJOY doing it. I got way more into sports because of Scott’s love. Don’t think a marathon is on the horizon but there are many good things you post that I consider. 🙂 Don’t always understand about all the high tech gizmos but they sound fun and I am totally enjoying my pedometer and I now have a walking playlist on my ipod. That’s about as tecnical as I can get for now. Hope to keep it up with the bears and moose. Take care. Love ya Momma Stub

    • Stub, I’m glad to know that you read the blog too! That’s awesome that you have a walking playlist and that the pedometer helps you. I’ve been really impressed with your walking plan lately and I hope you can keep it up in AK this summer!

  5. I totally understand crummy running!!!!!!!

    I agree that we all need to focus on what healthy is not what media says beauty is. It is so ANNOYING!

  6. Jill, I don’t see too many family members commenting on your blog, but maybe they’re like me and MommaStub – I read every word you write, I just don’t get too much into the commenting. So the “Monday Brain Exchange” question was what do your family/friends think about your blog? Well, I for one, think it is tremendous! I try to be a “runner,” but just can’t ever seem to get past the “starting” phase. My weekly totals seem to match some of your daily runs. Your blog and your experiences are wonderfully motivating to me to just keep at it. I don’t run as much as I used to, or want to, and I’m not as fast as I “should” be, and I can’t…blah, blah, blah – so much negativity in my self-talk. But you are so positive about your running, and encouraging in your attitude, that it just reminds me to go out and do my best. I ran a 5k last weekend, and my goal was to simply improve on last year’s time. I took me 1:45 longer! But the phrase “Sometimes just starting a race is winning,” came to mind and I realized that just being out there running was a victory that day. I appreciate your honesty and willingness to share, Jill. Keep it up, people like me really do read and care what you have to say!

  7. I made sure everybody and their dog knows about mine (which I only started recently)! I figured it would be the best way to keep myself accountable for running my first marathon. Like you, though, I”m pretty sure my family checks in only every so often – my husband didn’t even read mine until it had been up for a month. I will be happy enough if people just ask me how my training is going. I didn’t really realize when I started how many people blog about running/life. There’s a nice little community going on. 🙂

    ps – your blog was one of the first I found and bookmarked. I came across your Fuelbelt Helium review which actually helped me rule it out…

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