Team Challenge 2010 Napa Group Run #3

Team ChallengeThis week my team had 4 miles on their schedule, that was the furthest that many of them had ever run. Our run was held on a path in an area called Pittman Wash. A PATH… in a WASH… away from TRAFFIC… without TURNS… Being an out and back course, where they were to turn around when they reached the Team Challenge water cooler, we were optimistic that nobody would get lost this week.

Gratefully, nobody did! Whew… 🙂

Jimmy is a lot rougher on the Team than I am, letting them know that if they are on the streets, “YOU ARE WRONG!” and if you turn off the path “YOU ARE WRONG!” We really have an excellent good cop/bad cop coaching style.

Some of the Team members are reaching the point where they’re starting to feel some of their training. They’ve got questions about sore hips and toes being numb and how to change the schedule when life gets in the way. I’m glad that they’re asking about these things early in the season as opposed to waiting until they’re beat or injured.

I have unofficially made it my mission to be the last one off the course whenever we train. I like making sure that everyone has finished and that nobody has to finish with the whole team sitting there waiting for them. By running back and forth between the groups and running/walking with different people I’m getting the chance to meet more of the Team. And the fact that it gives me more miles also makes me happy! 😉

So far, I’m loving this gig. I am inspired by the devotion that all the participants have for this cause, I admire their determination to cover each new distance and I appreciate the energy/excitement they bring to practice.

I am coaching a group of runners for the organization Team Challenge. They are fundraising for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America while training to run the Napa to Sonoma half marathon in July.


  1. I love that no one finishes alone. This is much of the reason why I stopped training with a group. Being slow, I always felt I was holding them back. You are exactly like the kinda coach I want. 🙂

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