Stretching: Do It Right!

Stretching can be an important part of your fitness arsenal. It can help relieve muscle tension, keep muscles flexible, improve posture/balance, flush lactic acid from muscles and help prevent injury by relaxing and lengthening muscles.

But that’s only if you do it right!

Illustration of woman stretching her quadIf you’ve ever been to a race, odds are good that you’ve seen people sitting on the ground stretching before the start. Maybe you are even one of those people! But stretching cold muscles could result in strains and tears; causing more pain and possibly require an extended break from your fitness routine.

Stretching before a run or walk is an oft debated topic. Some people insist you need it, some insist it is a waste of time. If you do prefer to stretch, a 5-10 minute warm-up prior to stretching will help loosen things up and start to heat the muscles so they are more susceptible to stretching benefits. If you do not wish to stretch before the run, it is still good practice to get in some brisk walking or slow jogging before you jump into your run. Warming up is a good habit for all.

Any stretching done before a run or walk should be DYNAMIC stretching; meaning you are in motion as opposed to holding a STATIC stretch. Here are a few dynamic stretching moves recommended by Runner’s World that can be done pre-run:

    Swing one leg out to the side, then swing it back across your body in front of your other leg. Repeat 10 times on each side. Feel wobbly? Hold onto a steady object.
    While standing tall, walk forward with an exaggerated backswing so that your heels come up to your glutes. When this is easy, try it while jogging. Do 10 reps on each side.
    Step forward using a long stride, keeping the front knee over or just behind your toes. Lower your body by dropping your back knee toward the ground. Maintain an upright posture and keep your abdominal muscles tight.

What isn’t as debated are the benefits that come from stretching after activity. However you do not need to stretch IMMEDIATELY upon finishing your exercise. That could actually cause muscles to constrict and feel tight; your muscles are used to running now and need a little bit of a transition time to recognize that they are not moving as intensely before you jump into stretching. Feel free to wait 30-40 minutes after running before doing some gentle stretches. (Use this time to get a balanced snack!)

When stretching, there are a few things to remember: Don’t bounce, don’t force a stretch and don’t hold your breath. In fact, it often helps to focus and breathe into your stretch (think yoga!). Lastly, stretching isn’t a competition… it doesn’t matter what contortions your friends can get themselves into. You only need to do what feels good and right for you as an individual. We’re all different so what works for your neighbor may not be the answer for you. Try different things, focus on proper form and learn what works best for you!

This is an article I wrote for the April 2010 Fleet Feet Sports of Las Vegas newsletter. A lot of my Team Challenge runners have questions about stretching. Due to the interest in this topic, I thought I would share it here as well.


  1. We do dynamic stretching for my track workouts, but I have to admit, I usually prefer the static form. I know, I know, it’s not as good for me! But one thing I do know, I do feel better when I stretch shortly after I run. I did it this morning while drinking my protein drink and eating my hard boiled egg! (One that I got from a poultry farm, even!)

    Good article, though, and thanks for sharing!

    • I’m an advocate for stretching while you’re eating your recovery fuel! In all the research I did, I think the biggest reason for waiting is as a warning to people who run, stop and immediately drop into a stretch without even allowing their body to cooldown at all!

      Personally, I do not do any stretching BEFORE a run… I usually just do a 5 minute warm-up walk. Sometimes I’ll roll The Stick over my legs if they’re feeling particularly angry that day.

  2. I tend to do more stretching after a run than before, but try and start a run with a jog . Sometimes I end with a jog as well come to think of it, but thats more to do with the fact I’m usually knackered!

  3. Oddly enough I am better at doing these in the summer (cause the hs xc team does them and I sometimes run with them) than the winter when I probably need a real warmup. Lately when I am good about stretching I realize how good it feels, although after a run.

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