Ask Me Anything Answers #1

Here are a few answers to some of the “Ask Me Anything” questions I received. I will probably do a couple posts with these just to split them up a little. And if you feel like playing, feel free!

Jillian had a couple of good questions for me. The first being about how I met my husband.

My hubby (Kevin) and I met in college. We met when I was 18 and he was 20, but we didn’t start dating until several months later. And our relationship just kind of evolved into coupledom. We hung out in a large group together, then we started hanging out with just each other a lot and before we knew it… we were “a couple”. We were both heavily involved in the broadcasting program in college so we had plenty of time to spend with one another. We joke that the point that really brought us together was a trip to Las Vegas to interview The Beach Boys… we ended up with too many people for the car we were taking, so I ended up sitting on his lap for the entire 2.5 hour drive. Thus, we were brought together by The Beach Boys. 😉

After graduating we both got jobs at the same television station in Salt Lake City. Then we got engaged and he moved with me when I was hired for my current position. We have been married for almost nine (9!!) years now.

The other question was “you often talk of how draining your job can be…if you could have any job in the world, what would that dream job be?” Well, first let me preface that my job mainly is draining to me because I let it be draining. It’s part of my perfectionism that I need to get past. There is a point of wanting to do a job too well and letting that job take your soul in the process… and I’ve kind of let it do that to me.

Anyway, back to what my dream job would be… I am not sure entirely, but I’m pretty sure it would let me run whenever I wanted, let me do yoga frequently, let me play on the internet, continue to learn new web technologies and allow me the opportunity to write and blog. So I guess to an extent I am doing my dream job, but it doesn’t feel that way. Perhaps it is simply a matter of trying to reframe my point of view?

But I do think it would be super groovy to be sent off to various races as part of my job and take part of them as a racer and/or to write about them.

Lisa asked me a couple questions, the first one I’ll address kind of ties into information I shared above about my husband. She asked “How did you end up in Las Vegas?

Kevin moved to Southern Utah with me when I was hired for my current job since we were engaged. He had to find a new job and once he did, he was laid off shortly after (we had just closed on our first home!) due to state budget cuts. So he went back to school and earned a 2nd bachelor’s degree and his master’s degree. About 6 months before he was to finish grad school, he was recruited by a CPA firm here in Las Vegas. Since he had moved for my job before, I knew it was my turn to move for him. Fortunately my employers offered me the chance to telecommute so I got to keep my job and my income.

Her other question was “How did you get involved with Fleet Feet? You seem to have a strong connection, friends and even a work link.

Through my participation in Team in Training, I made friends with a gal who worked at our local Fleet Feet store, which in turn introduced me to the store’s owner. My mad computer-girl-geek-skills landed me the chance to help them with their electronic communications, so now I write their monthly e-newsletter. But even if I didn’t write that, I would still enjoy their weekly Fun Runs because it’s a chance to get out for a run in a location other than my neighborhood and to see other people, something that is vitally important for me since I work all alone every day.

Well, I think this is long enough for one post… I’ll get to some of the other questions, including the anonymous ones later!


  1. Thanks for answering 🙂 I love the all about me stuff; always neat to see a peak into someone’s life!

  2. That’s too funny, about riding in a car together and dating because of the Beach Boys!

    Okay, here’s my question… how come you keep telecommuting, when you’re so great with people and it seems like you’re a natural with face-to-face work?

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