Reminder: Running is Awesome!

On Monday I planned to go running after I finished work around 4:00. All day long the wind was howling and the sky was gray. It just looked miserable outside and it was playing games with my mind, somehow I kept thinking to myself that I didn’t want to run because of the weather. Nonetheless, when the time came I pulled on a pair of shorts, put on a short-sleeve top and looked out the window. The trees were still whipping around pretty hard, so I picked out a jacket, slapped a hat on my head and stepped out the door.


The winds pricked at my legs and cut through the fabric of my jacket. For a brief moment I considered going back inside. Then I told myself, “You’re already dressed for the run, you might as well go for it. If it sucks, you can always turn back.”

Well, it didn’t suck. In fact, quite the opposite… it felt amazing and I knocked out 6.4 miles, smiling the entire time.

Tuesday was another crummy day, full of wind and colder temps. And for some reason I forgot all the good feelings I experienced the day before. And my mental toughness was a lot weaker that day, I allowed myself to skip my Tuesday night run at Fleet Feet. I tried to convince myself that I was missing the run due to the bad weather, but if I’m being honest… I was just grumpy and I was isolating. I need the social interaction, being alone too much is bad for me. But I let myself wallow in that negativity for some reason.

I recognized that the following day and was determined to take care of myself. I would get out to run AND I would spend time with other people. Of course, the clouds were settled in for another day and the winds were gusting with fury again. But no way would I let that be a deterrent… and sure enough, just as my work day was winding down the sun started to peek out. Sure, the run was cold and windy, but it still felt amazing. It was a quick 3.3 miles because I had to shower before going to a meeting, but it was so nice to get in some miles.

So this is just a reminder to myself and to anyone else who may be struggling to get out the door on any given day… a run makes the day feel complete. There’s a feeling of power and accomplishment and energy. And even if it’s a hard day, there’s a certain satisfaction that comes from knowing that you at least put forth the effort. If the weather is less than ideal, you sound super hard-core for getting it done. If the weather great, then you get the chance to be at one with nature. If the treadmill is your only option, you’re taking care of your body’s physical health. There are so many more reasons to do the run than to not!

Running is Awesome!


    • Oh… and that makes me even more irked with myself for feeling unmotivated… I am not injured. I’ve totally been in that boat, when you can’t run and all you want to do is get out and run. Doesn’t it seem like everywhere you look you see runners during that time?

      Hoping you heal up quickly!

  1. I love this post, Jill. I have been struggling to get out the door and isolating a lot lately, and you really got to the heart of why running is so important and so fulfilling during those times. Maybe I should print this out and hang it somewhere as a reminder!

  2. I love those days when you try to make a bazillion excuses to not go out, but still slowly get the running gear up and walk outside (still making excuses to stay in) but end up going out for a run, most of the times these runs are great because you were expecting so little of them, so with the smallest amount of endorphins it becomes an awesome day.

  3. Great reminder! And I think running feels the best, too, when you do it when you DON’T want to! It’s like a great accomplishment then!

  4. Running is about strength; it’s also about the inner-strength of getting the job done. And sometimes that means talking ourselves into getting out the front door. Nicely written, Jill, you really said it well!

  5. So if I get out there and run my race tomorrow in 35ish mile winds and downpouring rain, I might sound hard-core??!! (Yeah, still on the fence, but I like this post of yours a lot.)

    Glad you got out there- whereas you are by yourself all day, I’m always around people and then I like to isolate myself at night! 🙂

  6. Hey girl…I absolutely adore your passion for running! I just recently tried to get into running, and after reaching my goal of 3 miles I came to the realization that running just isn’t for me. I didn’t have that passion that I see you and so many other runners have! With that being said, I DO have that passion for exercise in general. It is so true that a good workout session can literally transform the day!

  7. You’re so right. Even with all the excuses I can make, I’ve never regretted getting off my butt and going for a run. Cool pictures of the trail.

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