Running Hope to America

Continuing with the theme of runners doing inspirational and motivational things, today I wanted to mention Lisa Smith-Batchen’s Running Hope To America (or Running Hope Through America – it’s referenced both ways!). Her goal is to run 50 miles, in 50 states within two months.

Her mission is to raise money to aid different organizations that help orphans in the US and abroad. Her foundation, Dreamchasers Foundation, will disperse 100% of donations between three organizations: The Orphan Foundation of America, AIDS Orphans Rising, and The Caring House Project.

Lisa is an experienced ultramarathoner and has completed some pretty amazing challenges in her career. She’s done the Badwater Double multiple times. (This is where you run the entire 135 miles of Badwater, then continue on to the Mt. Whitney summit, then turn around and run back to the Badwater start line – nearly 300 miles total.) She helped coach my friend Molly for her Marathon des Sables and Badwater finishes, as well as helping many other people reach their goals. She organizes running camps, some of which are exclusively for women.

This challenge? Wow…

I am at a point where I can start to dream or imagine running 50 miles at one time. But doing that over and over, day after day, in 50 states within a 2 month timespan? That’s some incredible endurance, both physical and mental!

And after she finishes this challenge? She’s been accepted to this year’s Badwater race, just a few short weeks later.

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  1. There is some serious running/fundraising going on out there right now. Seems that everywhere I turn there is another story like this. What a great group of runners we’re getting to learn about. Thanks for sharing Jill.

  2. Sounds like she is like that guy Paul Both I just wrote about on my blog! Will have to see if she’s on Twitter! Hell, the two of them should connect and share war stories!

    I cannot imagine doing Badwater once, let alone out and back. Holy crap.

    • I chuckled when I read your post on Paul because I thought, “Here we go, Terri and I are on the same wavelength again!” Both of us talking about inspirational and motivational people this week!

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