Count Me Out On This One…

I can’t flip through an issue of Runner’s World without thinking, “I want to do that race… and that one… and that one…” Even if it’s a race in some podunk town on the other side of the country, most of the time I think to myself, “That would be fun because it’s someplace new!”

Every now and then I hear of a race that sounds like something I would never want to do. Races where you have to consume a lot of donuts at the “aid” stations before continuing sound absolutely miserable to me. Badwater used to sound like an exercise of insanity… until my friend Molly did the race and suddenly it seemed a little more rational. (Let’s emphasize “little” there… I really don’t see myself ever doing that one, but then for some reason I can’t allow myself to discount it entirely either.)

But our local news featured a race as their kicker story the other day and I think I’ve found one I can’t even WANT to do.

Tough Guy

This race/competition in England requires participants to:
– run through mud…
– climb over walls…
– crawl under barb wire…
– dive into freezing water…
– run through fire…


No thanks, I think I can safely say this is one race that will never be on my lists!

What conditions would be a dealbreaker on a race for you?


  1. Hmmm… Dive into freezing water AND run through fire? What the hell are they wearing, a hazmat suit? Petroleum jelly so they don’t get singed? I have never even heard of any of this stuff, I feel so out of it. Geez.

    • I’m wondering a) who thinks of this stuff, b) who finances this kind of stuff, c) who signs up for this stuff and d) why am I starting to think I could do this kind of stuff? 😉

  2. You had me until the fire!!

    My friend Bryan is doing an adventure race this year and he had to sign a waiver, in which one line stated “I understand I might die.” Uh, no thanks!

  3. Not that this will come as a surprise to you but this sounds awesome! And thanks to Junie for the Warrior Dash link. I will definitely be planning one of these in the future. Not this year though, I think my cup runneth over for 2010.

    • Wow… I am so completely shocked that you would want to do this. I mean, I never ever ever would have seen that coming from you… 😉

      But actually, after I saw the Warrior Dash link and started clicking through their site I started thinking, “Maybe I’ve been too much of a scaredy cat my whole life… maybe I need to jump over fire…” LOL!

  4. Fire. Definitely a deal breaker for me. The barbed wire, I was like, “ah, I’m small, maybe I could still squeeze under it, the freezing water, yeah, really not on board with that.But FIRE? I think definitely not.”

    Where do these people come up with these races?!

  5. that seems like extreme army boot camp training to me. so anyone that was in the army and still feels like they have something to prove would be into it. it looks like people are having a lot of fun.
    I have been interested in the city adventure type races, where you usually compete in a group and have a variety of things you have to do (like kayak, navigate the bus system and do a scavenger hunt)
    but overall I am a race wimp and newbie

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