Book Review: Core Performance Endurance

Core Performance Endurance: A New Fitness and Nutrition Program That Revolutionizes the Way You Train for Endurance Sports
by Mark Verstegen

Publisher: Rodale Books
ISBN-13: 978-1594863523

This was a really interesting book.  I checked it out from the public library and kept renewing it… until finally they made me take it back for good.

The book is full of information on how anyone who participates in endurance sports can improve their health and fitness by means of strength, flexibility, balance and nutrition… all with the goal of improving your chosen sport.  The book can be applicable to ultrarunners, triathletes, cyclists, swimmers and even casual runners/walkers… anyone!

I would definitely consider buying this book because it would be really interesting to use it in combination for training for an event.  Maybe when I pick my next race I will also buy this book to use in training.  The workouts are designed to help build your core strength, to help prehab/rehab common injuries that may arise and help the athlete develop their fitness in a well-rounded way.

The book outlines strength programs that can be used, as well as providing guidelines on when those should be done in relation to training times. Most common running ailments can be traced back to imbalances or weakness in muscles and joints.   (Example: knee pain often traces back to issues in the quads, hamstrings, hips, etc. as opposed to problems directly in the knee joint.)

The things that really interested me was the very specific ways the concepts of foam rolling and trigger-point therapy were presented.  The photos throughout provide good reference for placement on using a tennis ball to work out trigger points.  These items are all part of the “regenration” part of training, and this is one of the first books I’ve seen that really presents in-depth information on recovery/recuperating to improve overall performance.  I’d never used a tennis ball on trigger points before this and let me tell you, it can hurt… in a really good way!

This is a great book to use as a reference, and even if people don’t use the entire program in conjunction with their training there are plenty of elements that readers could take away from it to supplement their work.

This book is part of a whole series of Core Performance books, but I have not read those.  I also discovered that they are going to be releasing a woman-specific Core Performance book soon.  Not quite sure how it differs and how it would relate to endurance training, but it might be something to check out!

This review was not prompted by free product, but by my own interest in the book and topic.


  1. ohh i have never looked into trigger point specificially, but i do enjoy massaging various tender spots with a golf or tennis ball.

    this book sounds like all the tips i need to do… but am usually to lazy to! :-/

  2. I bought this book after reading from the library. I really like the programs in the book and think it will definitely help me in my ultra-running.

  3. Ah, you know how much I love to hear someone recommending using their library, aren’t they awesome?! For any of your readers who are trying to get it from their library, they should also see if their public library takes suggestions from users. Mine does, and they bought a book at my suggestion (I gave them links to reviews, etc.) and they had it within a few days, since it was available on Amazon. (Maybe it helps that I am a librarian, not sure, but you never know until you ask.)

    Ok, getting off my librarian soap-box, but thank you for the review. Core training is something where I have fallen off of the wagon, this year, so to speak, so I should check it out and see if I can get my hands on it too.

    • I figured you would appreciate the library thing… My very first high school job was in a public library. I hung on to it as long as I could, but having two jobs and going to college got to be a bit much so I ended up leaving the library job after 3 years. Love libraries!

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