LV RnR Expo and Pre-Race Thoughts

Today I went to the expo for the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Marathon to pick up my bib number and to help work the Sugoi booth as a help to my local Fleet Feet store.

I got to the expo and made my way through the lines to get my number/timing chip, my shirt and the goodie bag.  Then I made a lap around the expo floor.  I paused for a moment at the Newton booth, thinking I wanted to try on their shoes.  I’ve been really thinking I wouldn’t mind trying their shoes, and I would need to convince my Fleet Feet store to order the shoes in for me if I wanted them (I work for my shoes, taking care of their e-communications).  The local FF store doesn’t carry them so I can’t just try them on whenever I feel like it.  Unfortunately they were too busy to really notice me and I’m too quiet to jump in and demand their attention.

I did get a couple mini Larabars, something I always look forward to at these things.  I got a sample of dog treats in my goodie bag, I guess I’ll give those to my mom’s & brother’s dogs.  And I got to taste Mix1 drink, something I’ve seen advertised in magazines a lot recently.  (Not enough for a full review, but the Mango was pretty tasty!)  I didn’t scope things out as closely as I normally would because I was rushing so I could go do my duty at Sugoi.

The booth was sooooo busy! It was amazing, the second I stepped behind the cash register, I barely had a moment to breathe.  Recession be damned, people were definitely buying; hats, gloves and arm warmers being hot items.  But the compression gear was also flying off the racks.  While working there I got to meet Incredible Jane from Sugoi, she’s nice and has a lot on her plate this weekend with the booth AND the race!

It was pretty obvious that people were surprised with the weather by the way they were stocking up on items to keep themselves warm.  I had many people make comments about, “Why is it so cold? I thought Vegas was hot.” and “It’s so cold, isn’t this the desert?”  Yes… it is the desert and deserts get cold.  And yes, Vegas is hot… in the summer, but in December it gets cold.  We are expected to possibly drop into the 20’s tonight.

I started to feel a little better yesterday afternoon, although I’m definitely still sick.  And working at the expo today did contribute to a little extra exhaustion.  I came home feeling utterly drained, but also feeling like I needed to get in a little bit of running, just to find out how my body would react to the movement after feeling cruddy all week.

The run really felt great!  3 EASY miles was enough to prove to me that I am going to be okay on Sunday, as long as nothing changes for the worse tonight.  I’m not dead set on any performance goals now, seeing as how my body has been weakened this week.  I’m just going out to do the race and have fun.  My mom is coming into town just for me.  With my husband and mom at the finish line, that will be the biggest cheering section I’ve ever had on a race course!

So I’m going to put my feet up and take it easy tonight and tomorrow.  I’m really looking forward to this race!


  1. Good luck on the race!!!! I ran San Antonio last month and it was pretty warm and humid. I would rather run when it is a little cool than warm and humid.


  2. Good luck. Embarrassed to say didn’t know Vegas got that cold! I like the coolness better though. Easier on the body. Dog treats are an interesting goodie bag idea?

  3. sounds busy! hope you were able to relax some too. some people are just not the brightest. it can get chilly in florida and it snows in texas so… not sure what these people are thinking sometimes 🙂 good luck tomorrow!

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