Return to Running

I went to my doctor for a follow-up visit Wednesday morning. Honestly, my leg was feeling a lot better… but there was still a little feeling of being “off”… not quite “right”. I told her of the feeling and when she pushed in various spots on my shin, there were a couple spots that were still painful when pressure was applied. But overall, I was feeling a lot better than I was before.

She told me I could go on a run, try it out to see how I feel. She told me if the pain comes back or if I feel anything off, I shouldn’t push through it. She told me I shouldn’t do any speedwork for a while, just to make sure I don’t re-injure it further. And if I do have any pain I should go to an orthopedic specialist that she was going to refer me to for future issues in regard to the shin splints/whatever other pain I seem to feel.

So what do I do when I get home? Of course, I go for a run. And I went on a run the following day too. Both runs were around 4 miles. The results were a mixed bag, but mostly positive.

I felt great mentally, just knowing that I got the chance to run. I missed that feeling; riding a stationary bike was great but it didn’t give me the same feeling of accomplishment or release. I didn’t have pain shooting up into my hip anymore, but there was a little bit of throbbing in my shin. The second run I had a little bit more pain, so I stopped to walk for a while, probably only .1 mile, but that seemed to help so I could keep going.

I’m not running today and will try to go out for a run tomorrow. I’m hoping to do 8 miles. That will serve as my “long” run, even though I had originally planned on doing 13 or 14 at this point in my training. Whatever…

I did find that I haven’t experienced much difference in terms of cardiovascular fitness, so that was comforting. I’m also finding that my leg muscles seem to be a lot looser, after taking a break from running. So that makes me realize the need to be even more cognizant of my stretching, yoga, foam rolling… I’m going to get some new shoes soon and get rid of the old ones that I sometimes fall back to out of habit.

I’m kind of reconsidering my goals for the Las Vegas RnR half on December 6. I don’t really care if I PR or not, I just want to do the race and have fun.

It’s a crappy learning experience, but good at the same time. It’s just a reminder to always listen to my body and treat it well, since I only get this one.


  1. Sorry about the injury. I had a severe ankle sprain 3 weeks before last year’s LV 1/2 Marathon. Actually did the race with a brace on and limped in the last 5 miles. Good luck with your injury and maybe I’ll see you out on Route 159. Just look for the bearded running guy!!!

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