Happy Halloween!

The Running Skeleton

No long run to report, since I’m still not allowed to run.  I did ride 22.5 miles on the bike at the gym.  I have no idea how that equates to riding a real bike in the real world, but I guess I don’t really care right now.  As long as I was able to work up a sweat, that’s all that matters!  Instead, I’ll leave you with some Halloween pictures. My husband and I really like Halloween and carve a lot of pumpkins each year. This year we went with a vampire theme.  I hope everyone had a great holiday and some good running (or cross-training if you can’t run)! Good luck to all the NYC Marathon runners tomorrow (and any other races that happen to be going on)!

My pumpkins:



Got Blood?

My husband Kevin’s pumpkins:

Dracula & Vampira




  1. Wow! Great pumpkins! Did you design them yourselves or did you have a template. Either way, I’m impressed!

    If you like Halloween now, just wait until you have kids. It is awesome!

    • We collect templates throughout the years and then cobble things together to make our own patterns. My husband is VERY excited about the thought of Halloween with kids though. He loves the little tiny kids that come to the door for trick-or-treating!

  2. I’m suprised you’ve not been biking all along! I love the bike – it’s good to give the legs a break from the pounding all the time. And to read a book at the same time that you are really into, ah, heaven.

    Good job on the pumpkins. You have so much more patience than I do. I made Bill do most of mine.

    Our pumpkins got lots of ants on them within a day due to our mild weather. You said yours collapsed due to the dry air, on twitter?

    • I should be biking, but I don’t own a bike and I haven’t had a gym membership. But I may get a gym membership now. Even when I can run again I’m thinking I’ll intersperse my training with bike mileage, just to spin out the lactic acid in the legs!

      Yeah, our pumpkins start drying out pretty quickly, so they start to shrivel up. So intricate carving starts to cave in. It’s sad how fast they go sometimes! Hours of work vanishes rapidly!

  3. yeah, you cheated 😉

    jk. those are freakin’ awesome!! yeah my pumpkin would have triangle eyes and maybe an attempt at a mouth. very cool!!

    belated thanks for the well-wishes! they were definitely felt throughout the race.

  4. ok template or not…those pumpkins are WAY too creative and cool!!! I feel like such a Halloween slacker-I didn’t carve a pumpkin. Might be because since I moved into my place I’ve never had a trick or treater!

    ok…so now this quinoa/black bean burger thing I mixed together today and made:
    I rinsed and then cooked the quinoa. Then in a bowl I poured a can of black beans, an onion diced, an egg or 2, and the quinoa and mixed it all together. I had to add whole wheat flour to hold it together (but in hindsight, after letting it all sit for a few hours it became more pliable into patties!) I also added some spices to the bowl: pepper, cayenne pepper, salt to taste, parsley, a little jalapeno juice…you know anything…and then mixed it all together and made patties!

    Now I had every intention of broiling the patties-I started to do that, but then realized that wasn’t going to work. So I put them in a fry pan, sprayed olive oil spray, and pan friend them until they were brown.

    Toasted my hamburger bun, added spinach, tomatoes, chipotle mustard, limonaise light mayo, pickle and voila…..a very healthy, surprisingly tasty protein rich meatless burger!! I don’t eat meat-so I am becoming a big fan of quinoa.

    Now this was my first attempt at this..I made it up. I might add beets to the next batch I make and maybe take the eggs out. I thought about warming the black bean mixture(with the eggs) first so that it might become more pliable into a patty. The onions added a nice touch-I like my burgers fairly spicy….so that’s why the spices. If you can think of anything else that you might think about adding-let me know!! Try it….the tasty condiments were an added bonus-I LOVE that chipotle mustard! It’s super tasty and the light limonaise mayo…doesn’t taste nasty and heavy like regular mayo. I found them at my local Henry’s market (bet whole foods would have it too)

    Let me know!!

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