Complaining & Boasting

I usually do my long runs on Saturdays. But we were driving home from San Diego on Saturday, so I decided to push my long run back a day. Not a big deal, except that with the driving… and driving… and driving… I didn’t really fuel or hydrate like I should have and that had a pretty negative effect on me. Combined with the fact that it was the first weekend that Las Vegas has truly been hit with summer temps this year, it just made for a really hard run.

My plan was 12 miles. After about 8 miles I was pretty grumpy and uncomfortable. I lifted my shirt to wipe some sweat from my face and was greeted with blood streaks. Turns out, my nose had started to bleed! At least I didn’t look quite as bloodied and crazy as I did after my Phoenix DNF.

After 10 miles, I had to start walking. I made a decision that today it didn’t matter if I walked, I just wanted to be on my feet for the whole distance. I walked a quarter mile, but soon wanted to get a moving so I picked up the run again.

But at 11 miles I was miserable again, so I gave myself another walk break. This break ended up being about a half mile before I decided to just push it on through to get back home. I started crying in the last .2 mile just cause I was so close to home and all I wanted was an ice cold drink, some food and to be out of the heat. I wasn’t a snotty, sobbing mess; just had tears pricking at the corners of my eyes. But it was still rather pathetic.

I got some water, chocolate soy milk and a bagel in me; the world started to look a lot better at that time. Whew…. I could like running again. But for a minute there? I wasn’t sure I liked ANYTHING in the world.

And now for some news from the more HAPPY column.

I’m on the New Balance site! Check it out (even if I am still slightly embarrassed at my mug being on such a big site). There’s something about me right on their home page and that links to a page specifically about the Running on Hope contest. (Currently they have my name spelled wrong, something I hope they’ll correct. I guess it doesn’t matter THAT much. But the web developer in me is cringing at this, I would have that changed within SECONDS of finding out!)


  1. Wow! That is awesome! I loved both videos, but your mom’s made me cry. I can’t wait to see the documentary when it comes out.

    Sorry you had such a crappy run yesterday. I am sure a fabulous run is just around the corner.

  2. How cool that your mug is on a website!!! VERY COOL!!! You are famous!!

    Yes you and I were in the same boat, so to speak, on our long runs on sunday!!! I’m sorry yours was sucky too!

  3. Jill:

    It is wonderful that your message will be hear by so many people. Cancer sucks in so many ways. Any awareness that can be brought to early detection and treatments is great.

    It is also really nice to see you and your mom have such a supportive and loving relationship.

    Erin (erin337 on twitter)

  4. Seeing you on the website is awesome! The video is so cool and moving.

    You just learned a valuable ultra-running lesson. Relentless Forward Progress. Even if you feel like crap you eat, you drink, you keep moving.

  5. way to stick out the tough run. glad you had a good trip and safe travels, even though it affected the long run. at least you didn’t give up on the run and cut it short!

    very cool about being on the website!

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